In the modern age, the military is a very important part of a country as it is what protects both the interests and safety of their country using all their power and might. Many people have a deep feeling of admiration and respect for those who have risked their lives in the military, and many software developers have created slots to pay tribute to the military. In this article, we are going to take a look at the best military-themed slots that you can play at all of the best online casinos.


Major Millions

When it comes to video slots, there is one software developer that many consider to be one of the best in the world, and that is Microgaming. When Microgaming announce that they are going to be releasing new real money games, those in the casino world who love their video slots get all excited and start counting down the days until they are released. Microgaming release new casino games regularly to make sure that things remain nice and fresh for their fans.

When it comes to military-themed slots, Microgaming have quite a few, but one of their best real money games is Major Millions, which is a progressive jackpot slot game that regularly has a prize fund of more than one million. The first thing that you need to know about Major Millions is that there are two video slots, not just the one. There is one with three reels and one with five reels, but both slots give you the same chance of winning the huge jackpot.

The military theme is apparent right away when you open up the slot to play. Across the reels, you will see a variety of military-based symbols such as medals, a bomber airplane, a Major’s cap, a top secret envelope, a large warship, binoculars, and a supply crate. You will not find any of the low-paying card symbols that you usually find in other casino games, which makes this slot more pleasing on the eye in our opinion.

The majority of real money games have scatter symbols nowadays, and Major Millions is no exception to this. In this slot, the scatter is an explosion symbol with “Scatter” written on it. These symbols can land anywhere on the reel and all scatter wins see your winnings multiplied by the number of credits you put on that spin.

The Major Million logo is the wild, and this is the key symbol in the game. First of all, like with the majority of slots, the wild can act as a substitute for all other symbols. If you land three wilds along a payline, you will get 80 coins, while four and five on any of the first 14 paylines will see you win 280 and 8,000 coins. If you land five wilds on the 15th payline, you will walk away with the progressive jackpot prize.

Real Baron

This cartoon-styled game is beginning to look it age, but it is still a great military-themed slot game to play. This is another slot game that has been developed by Microgaming and, as is clear from the name of the slot, it was inspired by one of the greatest fighter pilots ever. This slot game comes with five reels, 20 adjustable paylines, and a base game maximum prize of 1500x your wager.

You can spin the reels of this slot game for as little as $0.20, but if you prefer to take a risk when you are playing your real money games, you will be glad to hear that you are able to place a maximum bet of $100 per spin. It is always nice to come across casino games that cater to those of all kinds of budgets.

Like all video slots, this slot game has a wild symbol that can act as a sub for all of the standard symbols and pays out up to 2000x times your wager if you can manage to land five along one of the active paylines. This slot comes with a free spins bonus round, which is actually pretty unusual for casino games of this age. Like with the majority of recent slots, the free spins feature is activated when you land at least three scatters on the reels. You will be given ten free spins and a multiplier of 1x, but your multiplier increases by 1x with each spin, so your final spin will have a 10x multiplier. This means that you can win up to 200,000 coins on your final free spin.

Since it is one of Microgaming’s older video slots, you might find it tricky to find. However, if you do stumble across it, then we really do recommend that you give it a try. It was not known as one of the best casino games of its time for the fun of it.


Platoon Wild

Platoon Wild from iSoftbet has five reels and 20 paylines and is based on the war classic from 1986. It comes with a free spins bonus, wilds, a fixed jackpot, and a progressive jackpot. You will know that you are playing a military-themed slot from the moment that you open up the game since the reels are set in front of a jungle backdrop, and you will see a number of military personnel from the film such as Sergeant Barnes, King, Sergeant Elias, and Chris Taylor. The latter is the highest paying symbol in the game as landing five of these along a payline will see you earn a payout of 1,000 coins.

The wild symbol, as it does in the two slots above and as it does in the majority of other video slots that you will encounter, acts as a substitute for all the symbols in the game apart from the jackpot and free spins symbols. If you manage to land three, four, or five along an active payline then you will be able to claim 200x, 1,000x, or 2,500x times you wager.

In order to activate the free spins, you have to land at least three free spins symbols on the reels and you will receive a total of eight free spins. Each free spin comes with a 2x multiplier, meaning that any winnings you land are doubled. Just like with Major Millions, Platoon Wild has two video slots that you can choose from - one has a progressive jackpot while the other comes with a fixed jackpot. With the latter, you should keep an eye on Charlie Sheen’s iconic movie poster pose as this is the slot’s jackpot symbol - the more you manage to land on one spin, the higher your payouts will be. For example, if you land nine, you will get 2,500x your original stake.

Bombs Away

Bombs Away from Habenero is a slot that takes place during the Second World War. When you are playing this slot, you are in charge of ensuring that your army gets the support needed to save the day and win the battle for freedom. If you manage to do this, then you will be awarded handsomely.

When it comes to video slots, it is fair to say that this one of those unique casino games - when you are playing this slot game, you will feel like you have hopped in a time machine and are back in the 1940s. The slot comes with a sepia undertone and there are painted war fighter jets in the background. The theme and colour of this slot game helps it to stand out above other slots.

This slot comes with five reels and 50 paylines, which cannot be adjusted. When it comes to the symbols that are on display, you will find the playing card symbols that you can find at the majority of slots nowadays. These are the lowest paying symbols in the game, with the most that you can win standing at 50 coins. The more valuable symbols in this game are a jeep, soldier, backpack, tank, and a plane. Depending on what symbols you land, you can win up to 200 coins in one spin.

The logo of this game, like with other slots, is the scatter symbol and this can activate a number of free spins for you to enjoy. If you land three scatters on the reels, you can activate a bonus round where you can make use of ten free spins. The bomb symbol will explode whenever it lands on the reels and turns into the wild card - once again, like with other casino games. Additionally, a war plane might fly over the reels and drop a number of bombs that will turn normal symbols into wilds.

When it comes to originality, this is one of the most original casino games out there thanks to explosive themes and the dynamic surprises that players can enjoy.