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A Gateway to the Military

Military schools, which are also known as boarding schools or private schools, are a well reputed and traditional part of America’s education system, and a great way to get into military jobs. Military academies and military schools are usually privately owned prep schools that are modelled after US military colleges and universities like West Point. Military schooling has become a very popular alternative to normal schooling. They have become really popular among youngsters who want to experience military structure and values, an athletic program, and maybe get a job in the military in the future.

They have also become very popular for parents who believe that their child needs this type of strict education. However, most military schools are selective institutions, meaning that very few will be willing to accept students who do not want to join, while those who join and break the rules will be expelled. So, enrolling your unruly child into a military school can be a bit of a gamble.

Military School Values

There are a number of values that are taught at military school, and we are going to take a look at the main ones right here:

Respect: Students will learn to respect their superiors and, more importantly, their equals. A military group can only truly work when everyone respects the right, time, and property of their fellow cadets. Any student that forgets this will be gambling their place at the school.

Discipline: Discipline is not just obedience to others. The cadets at military school will learn all there is to know about self-discipline and how to instill discipline in a group to help guide others in different situations.

Leadership: This is probably one of the most important values to be gained at military school. Leadership is a quality that balances obedience and allows individuals to show their best capacities. It will hold them in good stead for whatever type of life they choose when they leave the school.

Solidarity: Military school is one big community, and when people are feeling down, they will have their fellow cadets to help pick them up so that they can go on to achieve as much as everyone else.

Accountability: Nowadays a lot of youngsters do not take any responsibility for their actions - there seems to be always someone else to blame for their failures in life. However, at military school all the cadets are taught that they have to be responsible for their acts.

Military School Will Build Your Character

Military school will help you to build character qualities that are often missing in those who get a public school education. These important traits include the likes of honesty, motivation, courage, initiative, and self-confidence. The military teachers at these academies have spent many years developing the different techniques that are needed to develop great character in others. Under the guidance of their extremely talented tutors, cadets will learn how to make good decisions and deal with any consequences that arise when they gamble with a decision, and it does not come off as planned.

Military School is a Great Way to Eliminate Distractions

You will find that all normal schools have pretty similar academic programs - their main curriculums will not vary much, they have qualified teaches, they provide the necessary classroom resources and monitor the progress of all the students. Military school differs with their learning experience because they work to get rid of obstacles that stand in the way of student achievement. Those students that have difficulty with managing their time and those that find it hard to focus benefit greatly from this environment that is free of distractions.

Technology is a major distraction in a teen’s life nowadays. A life that does not have the constant beckoning of technology can lead to radical change. Students have to adjust to world with no freedom and technology indulgence. Gone is their unrestricted access to their mobiles, email, Facebook, computer games, and television. The absence of these things lead to the development of important skills such as focus and concentration.


The Importance of a Structured Environment

A structured environment gives a high level of predictability and organization. The day’s activities are planned, and the rules are followed constantly, while expectations are communicated clearly and the consequences of failing to do something are fully understood. Rules and schedules are very important for military school cadets. They wake up early, eat breakfast, attend classes, take part in sports, study, and then sleep to a strict schedule.

Structure is important in life for a number of reasons:

  • A consistent daily schedule and reinforcement of the schedule promotes good habits such as studying, exercise, eating, and personal hygiene
  • Focus is kept because distractions are at a minimal
  • Time is organized, and this helps to maximize efficiency
  • Having clear expectations and consequences for your action helps to develop self-discipline

Before you go ahead and choose the military school that you would like to attend, be sure to do plenty of research so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Gambling and selecting the first one that you come across is something that you could quickly regret further down the line.