121 years of making leaders: The New York Military School closes its doors

Right now the recession is imposing on choices of parents about the future of their children, which is not always the best.

Lost in a bare-hands battle against the financial crisis, parents now have to fight for the costly education of their children. How can you pay for a good education when this spending is beyond your last resources?

New York Military School is about to close this spring because of the economy crisis that is hitting the parents. A debt of several millions has blocked the administration of the school.

The military school has been preparing students to high standards with the famous ideal phrase: “Educating tomorrow’s leaders today”. Over the years, this school had some of the most successful people who we know today as Donald Trump and Francis Ford Coppola. 121 years will pass in vain when its doors will close.

We can see the impact of the economic situation in the country, affecting not only the workers in losing their jobs, but even the educational institutions. A historic, pride of a nation’s army school is about to fall in that same battle we all face. How can a solid institution that seemed like a rock, can fall like a sand castle? We would hope that the pride of the graduated students who became leaders, would come to the rescue of this military school…

So facing tough economic decisions, parents have one more worry… As well as the trends of the stoke market, the standards of schools and universities are going down. Choices for good education are becoming less important….

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