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Values and principles are highly regarded in military schools in Kentucky. Seeing that the world today is rapidly changing and is unbelievably affect the young people’s outlook in life, the advantage of military schools can be a big contribution for their welfare. Even if they get old, the students in military institutions will constantly endure all their lives.

These young students in military schools will embrace the ideal values that adolescents must notably possess. Believing that values have key influence on an individual’s attitude and behavior, it serves as broad guiding principle in all situations they may encounter.

In military schools, a proper code of moral values is built in a firm structure to make clear to students and encourage them practicing this code. The manner of the schools’ venerable values is mirrored in military core responsibility and leadership.

Thus, all military institutions have one mission, which is to develop young students physically, emotionally, mentally, and behaviorally to create them being good individuals with great values and principles applied in life, as to prepare them for auxiliary education. In the U.S. it’s the general mission including in Virginia military schools, and to all over the world.

Integral values and principles to get hold of in military institutions are the 3 pillars of achievement:

1. Academics to develop and enhance the aspiration for knowledge

2. Physical Fitness to inculcate a lifetime value for wellness

3. Behavior to do always the right thing

If students’ aspiration in academics is developed well, students may complete his program till graduation, and in terms to physical fitness they will obtain good fit, healthy enough to think and decide things responsibly, and of course the behavior will help them do only the positive ones.

Instilling of values has been at the focal point of military schools mission- the values that will influence them the way when they will become military in the future or civilians. The military institutions in all levels promote the sound of practices fairly while in school up to their grown-up lives.

If you want your child to learn manners according to military conduct and get the opportunities as successful as military officials in the U.S., Virginia military schools are the institutions that are proficient to provide your aspiration. Military schools offer ideal environment for both boys and girls who are eager to learn as they prepare for the future.

These schools continually exist to serve both young men and women who want to get education in rigorous form while preparing for their future. Albeit Military schools do not really require accepting students who aim to join the military service only, because they are open to all youth who select to study in this school to learn, improve, and reach their goals.

Both boys and Girls military schools incorporate firm structure and excellence to students through influencing them on their daily basis operations. There are loads of advantages that can be earned through military schools and several of them are:

The chance to learn and become a positive thinker, in which is crucial to learn by an individual adolescent because the tendency of lacking it is the possibility of comparing themselves to others.

“You are today where your thoughts have brought you. You will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.” – by James Allen

Some of the negative results of lack of positive thinking ability

• It can the students make them think they are pitiful, hopeless, and useless.
• If they made mistakes, for instance, the odds of blaming others about the problem can be the hardest effect
• Showing of low self-confidence and poor in skill to communicate others are downbeat results

Some of the positive results of having the ability of positive thinking ability

• Students able to think effectively and clearly, which is imperative of being determine in reaching their each goals in life
• They enable to solve their own problems positively to figure out the most suitable in it
• The development of positive thinking ability is also the development of students’ memory, moving forward to constructive way

Boys and Girls military schools help youth build positive changes in the future.

If you worry about the life inside a military school, in Virginia military schools, cadet’s life rotates within the institution’s spot, but this doesn’t mean that life here is tedious. You have several peers and there are some things important to obtain in order make you always on the go, and you will have the capability to face the challenges.

In military boarding schools, stirring parts of cadet’s life includes:


Structured learning milieu is meant for cadets for their preparation in college and their choice of path to take. Some military schools required students to complete a usual quantity of credits to pass for graduation. The small class size in most highly regarded Virginia military schools has a small teacher-student ratio 13:1. What is advantage on this is the chance for students to clasp each concept of the lesson. With the modern facilities today proffered in military schools, it gives all the students the opportunity to amplify themselves to the highest extent. Oftentimes, military schools offer supervised study hall in the evening.

Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (JROTC)

This is the Physical Education wherein cadets undergo JROTC training. The program of JROTC cultivates the quality for a military student strives. The principles taught in the classroom like discipline, responsibility, leadership, and time management are all applied during the training period of JROTC. Cadets have ranking allocated to them and those with higher ranks are the leaders; such system of ranking open ideas to cadets to aspire leadership position even after school. While others attend military summer school to build up leadership ad discipline.

Weekend cadet’s life

There are organizations in some military schools for cadets to spend their weekend constantly educational and exciting as well with their peers through sports club, drama club, music club, school newspaper editors, dance committee, and so on. There are numerous supplementary programs offered in military school to support the interest of cadets. And the most exciting is the overnight camping trip and movies within the school vicinity.

The core values that are necessary to possess by an individual to become a good servant in the Armed Forces can be learned in military institutions. Virginia military schools and all other institutions in the U.S. provide the key factors to meet the appropriate characters that a military or civilian must have by the set of courses they offered.

Accomplishing success in any commendable settings though it’s difficult to adjust at the beginning like in military schools’ strict training, but it is an endeavor that calls for determination, leadership, loyalty, duty, independency, dependability, respect, honor, and most of all discipline.

The word “discipline” plays a great part in everyone’s life. Self-discipline is a fundamental factor that able to help an individual to overcome all difficult circumstances he or she will come across to. This character is premier because this is the root aspect of becoming confident. So if you are a parent who seek out for an educational environment that is much better than conventional public and private school, the military schools in Kentucky proffer rigorous system of discipline to provide to young people for their change for the better.

What is the meaning of possessing the quality of self-discipline to a young person’s life?

The essence of self-discipline in a young person’s life is too big to explain, because it is a quality that’s very functional and desirable skill to get hold of. How? It helps your daughter or son the following:

1. It clears their mind to distinguish the right from wrong.
2. Learn to get up early in the morning everyday to do their chores responsibly.
3. Has the courage to be consistent on performing their projects notwithstanding the initial flash of eagerness that’s slowly faded away.
4. Know how to resist the possible temptations in many things and deeds that come in their way.
5. To triumph over undesirable traits like procrastination and laziness.
6. Fulfill his or her promises before or on time that they make to themselves and to others.
7. To keep their selves away from doing on impulse.

All of these are operational in an individual’s life no matter if he or she is servicing the military or a simple civilian; the meaning of one word “discipline” has tons of essence to a person, which is achievable in military schools.

What is good about other military schools in Kentucky is the association of Christian values to rigorous military values. There are several military institutions in the state that enclose the need of spirit of every individual which religious aspect can only fill.

They say that a lot of boys are off the right path and they need proper discipline to learn distinguishing the right from wrong and the positive from negative deeds. They will also learn how to respect their selves, other people, and the authority. And all of these will be effortlessly achieved if parents who choose a military school for their child comprise Christian programs too.

Such military schools in Kentucky feature the key of God to change their lives into what supposed to be right. To bring the Christianity to one’s life especially to the troubled teens, their existence may have a life-long positive impact even on the shortest period of their studies in military schools.

If you hesitate sending your child in a military school with Christian programs, try to pick the one that is affiliated with lots of various Christian denominations. There re many parents who mistakenly presuppose that they cannot let their child go to such kind of military school because they have different religion, but that is not the case. For you to know, US military schools like Virginia military schools and other institutions with similar aim as this to young people are accepting students whatever faith and beliefs they have in life; however, it is rare, because most of the time, Military-Christian schools accept those who have the same Christian faith they as well do.

In military-Christian schools, you will observe the outcome very interesting. Students who have character that have made it through the institution’s program would make you see that teens have grown to be confident and free young happy people. You would observed teenagers now have concrete direction and goals in life!

When your son or daughter reaches teenage years, they are susceptible to various sways in life, in which oftentimes turn them into troubled teens. Some parents prepare their teenagers to the right track by sending them into military summer school or probably in a military academy that has strong system of learning.

Dormitory routine

It’s quite hard for many students to wake up early in the morning, and working on their individual responsibilities especially for the first year students, but long before they are in 4th year level, they will change into disciplined young people. Each of the cadets is needed to follow the strict procedure.

During their mealtime, cadets are called to go in the cafeteria before 6:00 in the morning. There maybe some announcement to make before mealtime, and after that they will eat their breakfast.

Physical Training

As outstanding physical training is part of the daily activities, each cadet are expected to prepare themselves before 5:30 in the morning most commonly, and they will be taking part in a 40-minute mandatory exercises. Depending from each military school, there exercise can be done daily or every other day.

Every during the physical training they will begin with charging energy along the border of football field. Cadets are going to do the push ups and pull ups, sprints, and crunches, in a brisk sequence. Sometimes, cadets are required to run around the field of the campus, doing calisthenics, and carry out ground fighting.

Academic Classes

Nearly all military schools oblige cadets to start their classes early in the morning. However, military schools have different class schedules due to other subjects that cadets need to attend. The one is to one ration of student and teacher is a plus to inspire them to study more.

After a long day of cadets, they can have a free time to meet their friends. U.S. military institutions including Virginia military schools infuse discipline that’s always learning for all the students on their daily routine. The way the military schools emphasize the value of generating good people in the next generation, parents can always anticipate for their child to be better person.

Military schools in the United States either sponsored by private or by the government also welcome international students. These intuitions teach different ages of students who have mission in the future to give service to military for their country. For the reason that M.S. in the US proffer best quality of education and training, many young people from other countries are encourage to complete their studies in the United States.

More and more international students who are interested in achieving college schooling for the intention of becoming a commissioned military officer in their country’s Armed Forces can now pursue their career goals eligibly, because the United States Congress is authorizing International Students Enrollment Program. Mainly supervised by the United States Sec. of Defense, the facilitation of the said program for international students offer cost-effective educational experience and opening students to become highly trained military leaders.

As a result, students from various parts of the world, in the largest part, select military boarding schools since they live from far countries. Most of these types of schools are privately-owned and privately-sponsored. In the sense of keeping their reputation, they organize all the necessary things that are important to learn and gain by aspiring students, including the manner and traditional trainings specialized in the host country.

Georgia, California, Mississippi, and/ or Virginia military schools have an extensive and eminent history with unyielding curriculums and education coaching in the arts of military.

Some of the major why international students prefer to take their military degree completion in military schools in the United States verified by a reliable military source is due of the following:

1. The chance to study at M.S. in the U.S. will enable them to enter into American universities and colleges.

2. The high competency and knowledge in English Language is an advantage to learn as well.

3. Students are exposed to U.S. strong dealing of military viewpoints and discipline.

4. They will become independent, disciplined, and mature as they live away from home; whereas, gaining precious friends from different races.

M.S. in the US for International military aspirants to learn from the country is expected to be provided with administrative and educational support to return their reliance to US country.

In Virginia, a militaryschool take part in developing child’s development to workforce readiness. Foremost, working parents in this particular State in the U.S. see to it that the institution they’re going to enroll their son or daughter is preferably first-rate; to that, they favorably choose military institutions for the meeting standard of education.

Anyhow, there are quite few of the parents who come to think if Virginia military schools are really the right place for their child’s educational milieu. The United States Department of Defense (DoD) however ensures that every military school sets clear in regards to the quality standard along with the purpose to meet the child’s development.

For cautious parents, the DOD will guarantee the satisfaction and their child’s success through their critical way of heeding their job inspection and official recognition process to make sure that the facilities inside the school for students’ utilization meets the expected standard.

Recognizing the connection between a distinct militaryschool and the child care, these institutions have created a comprehensive program that has been gone into raptures over the awareness of many parents in a way of these 3 features:

1. High-quality education

2. Affordability

3. Finest form of educational environment for the nation

    Students may encounter challenging training within the schooling period as part of their daily life in the school premises, but 99% of them have the chance to be in the right track; knowing that the providers have initially put them into training to start and continue the military modules that the U.S. military proffers, whichever military branch they choose to practice.

    In the recent years, due to the effective system of these institutions an increasing numbers of parents are being encouraged on the proposals that Virginia military schools put though in general for the good sake of students when they leave school. With the main goal -to help students develop in a home-like setting in order to feel equally safe and enticing despite the challenging military principles.

    Parents are the first person to witness how their sons progress in their academic aspect. That is why they are the first ones also who will be the proudest parents to shout to the world how their sons have changed a lot, giving the military schools its reason to record their testimonials.

    Here are few of the parents who showed how proud they were when their son finished school in MMA. It may not be one of the Virginia military schools, but it’s worth the read. Take a look and be inspired.

    “We are very proud of MMA and the foundation our boys received there. After graduating from the Marine Military Academy in 2000 and 2003, respectively, they both completed their education at The Citadel Military Academy of South Carolina. Matthew graduated in May of 2007 from their civil engineering program and is working for a top-notch company! Nicholas graduated from the Citadel School of Business Administration and is also working his way up the career ladder, and doing it very quickly! We are very proud of both our sons and their roots at MMA. Chase and I continue to recommend parents to send their boys there because we know the value of it.”
    — Chase and Jacklyn Lang

    “Dear Sgt J, It goes beyond belief what you and SGM Wilson did to encourage my son and lead him toward the right path in life. My wife and I are eternally grateful. I will never forget when I brought Marty to MMA and told SGM Wilson that Marty was lucky to graduate from Pittsfield High School. His grades were just about passible and his attendance was not very good. SGM Wilson told me not to worry and that he would hone him up. Well, now Marty was voted cadet of the month for September and carries a 3.8 GPA at The Citadel. He is also vice president of their honor society. None of this could ever have happened without the guidance that you and SGM Wilson showed my son. God bless MMA.”
    — Art Butler, MSG USA(RET)

    “My son was 12, unhappy at his current school and the Marine Corps emphasis at MMA was a big draw to him. We decided to let him start school there the following year.

    Today, he’s a senior and there have been no regrets; we would not change a thing. He’s learned several valuable life lessons such as accountability, not only for himself, but also for his fellow cadets, as well as effective leadership and time management skills.

    Additionally, there is a strong mentorship on campus. The DIs and other key personnel become surrogate parents, a critical role and one that we value greatly. They see the ups and downs, resolve conflict, cheer him on when we can’t be there and tend to him in the middle of the night if he is sick. There is a trust and true bond that comes with this relationship. Our son has been at MMA for five years, and his admiration, trust, respect and love of these good men are making him the man he will become.”
    — Mrs. Joan K. McGraw

    Primary education is the important stage of learning. To send your child in an elementary military school establish a great extent to recognize the optimistic side of them leading to know what they will be going to be tomorrow. In their early age of 7-12 they will learn to enhance their abilities and discover characteristics within the period of military schooling time.

    With the main spotlight of firm foundation in mathematics and basic science, as well as language, the military students encompass to advance preparation on their next educational stage. Knowing the getting tougher life of students, the rigidity of military institutions instill the virtues of self-discipline, honor, teamwork, leadership and other strong skills that can help augment every individuality aspect of the young student.

    In Virginia military schools there is an association for military educational institutions to help the parents of their students to find success in education. The Virginia Association of Military Schools stated that an environment of military boarding school for your child to be with is one of the best and the oldest avenues for achieving triumph in education.

    The association assured parents that the state of Virginia offers military schools where education is the choice for more and more young learners and their families who look for successful preparation towards higher education.

    Being young cadets, the schools including elementary military school put into the open a precise path for better environment structure and organization by making available a stronger focus of their set of courses and training activities. The real opportunities of this type of learning setting prioritize to create goodness and friendliness to cadets whilst attaining their objective about conferring military guidance.

    Aside from elementary military schools, several schools have (MSCC) Middle School Cadet Corps program, (JROTC) Officers’ Training Corps program is reserved for juniors, where both are financially supported by the Defense Department in the country.

    Approximately, elementary school cadet corps is a charitable after-school program. The young students are taught first aid, character-building, and responsibility activities. They are entitled to neat wear uniforms too on certain days additional to have military-style training.

    As a result, the literature advised that a young individual studies in a more disciplined and structured background, coupled with a basis of responsibility may able to make the most of his/her potential. This view has been confirmed the case by the Virginia military schools through a surfeit of college admissions.