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If your parents would want you to attend in a militaryschool and you disagree because you are scared thinking about these educational institutions’ strict policies and rigid training, actually this strictness is usual and standard form in suchlike educational schools, but it’s basically no harm to students like you.

Many students in the military schools commonly aspire to become military servants in the future, but this doesn’t mean that they are exclusive for students with that ambition. Even those who want to pursue a civilian career in the coming years are also welcome in these types of schools. It’s just that because they are intended to bequeath the core values and trainings according to military regulations, that’s why they run policies within the school in accordance to these military-like principles.

Cadets in military schools are required to participate in a prearranged training program intended to widen and improved the fundamental characteristics of a military student cadet and in terms to class lessons, this is normal to attend every morning and afternoon session, but you will find it helpful to you academically, physically, and mentally too.

The information below is presented to give you hints about the common real situation inside a militaryschool during the schooling observed from one of the most prestigious military school in the United States:

Class usually begins at 8:00 to 9:00 in the morning after breakfast. There are 6 classes to consumed 45-minute every morning and in the afternoon on weekdays. Then expect the military training assembly in the afternoon.

Extra sessions include public speaking for meetings and events with their faculty counselor, wherein student cadets can look for help from their teachers or the need to attend a session for supplementary assistance.

There’s also athletic activity in this military school to usually take place every 4:00 until 6:00 PM. Afterwards its supper time. Most military schools have fixed study hall to be held in the evening for 1 hour.

This is the usual daily routine in a particular U.S. military school, but is also applicable inside many military institutions. You will never be sorry when you agree with your parents decision and venture your education in one of this rigorous form of private schools.

Life in military schools undergoes rule-oriented system. Whoever cross the line is bound to punishment. But this punishment doesn’t mean rude and cruel, it is only a way of disciplining the one who failed to follow the rules. The disciplinary actions provided in this institution are for the sake of every student and that based on the rights of students. It is a way of teaching them the right attitude.

Whatever a certain student wish to track in the future, either to chase civilian or military career, right attitudes are the key elements to make one succeed in the future. Below are the right attitudes that are crucial for a student to learn and apply, for it will help a student succeed in life. And these attitudes are easy to achieve within a militaryschool because of its strong structure, through the system and the environment:


Once an individual finish his college education, the economic frail standing today usually dishearten them as graduates who struggle a lot throughout their learning. And because it’s not easy to face the challenges, you have to be prepared in possible circumstances such as being rejected. The attitude of being determinate to fight the setbacks as you will face many setbacks along the way. The determination of an individual is one of the best ways how he cannot just quit on things; rather they have to find solutions.

Good Personal Ethic

Because of the strictness in military schools, a student will definitely gradually learn personal, emotional, behavioral, and psychological aspects to enhance and get better. The most excellent way to hold such attitude is to focus the encouraging methods in their lifestyle.


With all the rigorous rules, you can prepare your education and career much better, because self-discipline is the finest to achieve all your goals. Develop this attitude in order to maintain your precious assets.

Ready for action

Students may know how to get into the right direction. They are ready to face the unexpected, distressing situations without much impinging on their selves. In short, they know how to solve their own problems.

Behavioral problems is one if the major basis why parents send their teenage child to military school. For them, military schools are the perfect educational environmental for young men and women who mainly have disorder or undesirable behavior. Teen’s life in military schools will change significantly because the setting is more structured that is unmatchable from traditional school.

If it is your child’s first time to enter in a military school, it maybe hard for him to adjust in the first few weeks from the situation he do not used to do and being away from his family, but this is the exact way of their transformation as independent and responsible people.

In U.S. institutions like California military school, aside from focus on achievement in student’s academic and the extra time on field training and recreational activities, values to instill is crucial:

1. Discipline – this is the imperative part of values to instill in any military schools. Teenagers who have behavioral issues can take advantage to transform their selves with the strict jolt in military schools. They have to wake early as 6:00 in the morning to start tidying up their areas and their selves in proper, complete, and clean uniform before proceeding to dining hall for breakfast and start their day in school.

2. Interest in studies – a militaryschool is the best setting to support your child’s cleverness and eagerness to study. With a packed of academic programs offered in military schools, your child will become even more interested. On the other hand, those who are lazy may change to excel their academic with others, but sometimes, this is not ideal for disinterested students because the tendency to struggle in the school to compete with the high expectations can possible cause their failure.

3. Leadership – one of the finest behaviors that a teen has to possess. He can play a great role in the society if he learns the appropriate way of leading someone to goodness of life. Your child may develop more his leadership skill and will enjoy to continue being a leader as he learns supplementary training in military school.

There are parents who do not allow their children to attend a militaryschool because they thought that the strict rues and regulations applied inside the school are not constructive enough for their young ages, which is actually not true and faulty believed. It is because military institutions proffer the rigorous and strict rules to attain the key principles of military life.

Mainly indicated generally in the school’s name -military schools – they are intently designed for students who are eager to join in the military forces in the future. On the other way around, there are several military institutions that accept students who suffer from various disorders such as autism, ADD, ADHD, etc. Whatever programs these schools are offering, one thing for sure to make parents realize how a military school environment can truly change young people, read below:

Cadets school routine inside military schools that offer boarding education really help a lot in behavioral change, values, and skills modification of the students. A normal day of cadets in a militaryschool, generally starts every 7:00 in the morning, but of course, before this time they expected to fully dressed up with their uniform neatly and formally.

    1. They usually start the day with Physical Training.
    2. Soon as they finish the PT, cadets are called to wash their selves and change their clothes before going to the dining hall for breakfast.
    3. Classes normally start 8:30 in the morning up to 2:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon (based on the schedule provided in one of the military schools in the U.S.), but in the midst of the period, students are given interval time for lunch and recess.
    4. After class hours at 2:00 in the afternoon, cadets are free to do recreational activities with instructors’ guidance. Cadets will join the games on the field mostly until 5:00.
    5. Cadets will go back to their classes afterwards to finish their groundwork and remedial classes for frail students.
    6. Dinner at 8:00 in the evening and mass activity.
    7. Lastly, cadets are needed to be on bed at 11:30 in the evening.
    8. Club activities are often the activity of cadets to execute every Saturdays.

So parents should change what they wrongly believe in military institutions, instead they have to be convinced because the environment of these schools are specially designed to support the all the way through.

Educators in military schools support the objective of the institutions through the powerful structure of its core curriculum, military-style setting, and firm methods of discipline. These elements are provided for young men and women’s fundamental grounding for their accomplishment in classes and in their individual life.

Many students from public schools are turning to military schools to triumph over difficulties in excess of students numbers in a classroom, scarcity of support in facilities, motivation of the students is lacking due to distraction, and above all is the deficiency in discipline.

What are lacking in traditional schools are what the military institutes intended to fill in. By observing and learning the needs of the students educationally, a militaryschool has been completed successfully over the years.

How military schools system generates powerful structure for Cadets are achieved through:

  • Developing Leadership

For a military life, leadership is essential. The result of the development can turn cadet into a responsible individual, good leader to his peers, and earn dependable manner.

  • Training on cadets personal qualities

In military schools there is an authoritarian rule for dress code which is vital to follow. Every cadet is expected to fully take part their daily chores in barracks before they attend their academic assembly.

Boys and girls are required to wear their uniforms neatly and properly; specifically for girls, they are not allowed to wear make-up and nail polish, and their hair must be in buns. Everyday schedule can make the attitudes of cadets’ enhanced to become good military and civilians in the future.

  • Religious life

“People who believe in God are scared to be sinned.”

There are military schools that associate religious program to cadets. This is intentionally to allow cadets learn good conducts with respect and kindness to others. The religious session is somehow offered for young men and women apply these attitudes to their peers. Being religious can make a person do what is right while growing with integrity and dignity.

In Virginia, a militaryschool take part in developing child’s development to workforce readiness. Foremost, working parents in this particular State in the U.S. see to it that the institution they’re going to enroll their son or daughter is preferably first-rate; to that, they favorably choose military institutions for the meeting standard of education.

Anyhow, there are quite few of the parents who come to think if Virginia military schools are really the right place for their child’s educational milieu. The United States Department of Defense (DoD) however ensures that every military school sets clear in regards to the quality standard along with the purpose to meet the child’s development.

For cautious parents, the DOD will guarantee the satisfaction and their child’s success through their critical way of heeding their job inspection and official recognition process to make sure that the facilities inside the school for students’ utilization meets the expected standard.

Recognizing the connection between a distinct militaryschool and the child care, these institutions have created a comprehensive program that has been gone into raptures over the awareness of many parents in a way of these 3 features:

1. High-quality education

2. Affordability

3. Finest form of educational environment for the nation

    Students may encounter challenging training within the schooling period as part of their daily life in the school premises, but 99% of them have the chance to be in the right track; knowing that the providers have initially put them into training to start and continue the military modules that the U.S. military proffers, whichever military branch they choose to practice.

    In the recent years, due to the effective system of these institutions an increasing numbers of parents are being encouraged on the proposals that Virginia military schools put though in general for the good sake of students when they leave school. With the main goal -to help students develop in a home-like setting in order to feel equally safe and enticing despite the challenging military principles.

    One of the premier military schools in the U.S. exposed how intense their commitment to yield their curriculum and trainings to their cadets as to militaryschool daily life occurrences. Provided that military schools traditions differ a lot from school to schools, but the widespread result still win through to deliver a strong military influence through their daily operations in the vanguard of education most recently.

    Though others have some misconceptions, young men and women can be trained inside military schools for success. For over a hundred years ago, Hangrave was one of the military modeled institutions in America with their vision to set the foundation for an institution that will remains triumphant in its operation which still lingers until of today as it soldiers all the way through the years.

    In U.S., by and large, military high school, day or boarding military school, co-educational academy, etc. has all similar missions, they intent to focus on their responsibilities in teaching and to discipline cadets. It is apparent that parents really want their children to be disciplined, do their homework, do household tasks, and keep themselves tidy. In a military environment the chance to develop these manners can be achievable.

    Everyday in this institution, students are taught to clean their rooms, take their meals on time, wear their military-styles uniform neatly, and attend their classroom lessons and trainings in the field punctually. Military schools furnish many opportunities for their students including leadership and self-discipline that are attainable both in the classroom and on the outer area.

    The development of behaviors is highly regarded and to making sure that each student gets a lot of opportunities to use on their adulthood. The interaction with other cadets can build up a lasting companionship that may possibly develop into a real friend where a child is able to turn to in times of burden during school period or after they graduate from militaryschool.

    Many of the most excellent and most outstanding military successful leaders have gotten their initiation at one of military institutions; their graduates have come away from the practical experience with a perceptive of special and team regulation, in which serves them the will to well throughout their real lives. Up to the current century, military schools have enthused with the times and encourage future aspirants. Now the exciting new technology courses and the spiraling of traditional curriculum took place to most military settings.