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Military schools are not for delinquent students, nor exclusively for teenagers who purposely want to join in the military services, rather, these schools are also for those young people who yearn to have a high quality education in a good background that capable to provide military discipline even if they do not 100 percent want to track any-related military career.

Many families of today are considering a good military boarding school to enroll their teen. Parents have widely known the evident advantages of getting their teen in a military school that offer boarding education. Though other parents try to stem the behavior of their troubled child in one of military schools in their state, they can find one good institution accepting such students, but this requires them to be patient because as what have been said military schools have different curriculum and different proffered programs.

For parents who wish to place their children far from negative influences, or plainly remove their children on that unsafe environment, a well-run institution that handle the nature of this kind of students can help. It’s just that an effort to invest in searching for a good military school to enroll a teen in trouble outcomes lots of advantage results such as:

Features – The military schools that differ in offers such as day school or boarding school, middle school, high school, or college-prep school are all exceptionally structured, rigorous, and disciplined. Each student is anticipated to stick on accomplishing their solid rules and policies. By this educational setting’s main nature, a high level of formation on behaviors is the expectations.

Line of career – it is advantage to encourage a student to follow a trail in military career. The education, experience, and training that a student gained from this school can be a great pro to motivate them.

Behavioral benefits – students in a military boarding school definitely achieve intangibles, for instance, a higher extent of self-respect and self-confidence; furthermore, they were taught to become very well-formed young adult, more prepared to pursue higher education whether for military life or as civilian life.

Whatever is necessary to be in a higher level human being be able to access and obtain in military schools positively.

On Monday organisers of the conference of the West Point Military Academy invited some of the top war historians from the United States to talk about and discuss war endings in front of an audience of around 20 military students and officers from the academy’s history department. Everything was filmed and there will be some essays written so teachers can use this debate in their classrooms as study material.

Because of these kinds of lectures and discussions, students learn things like the fact that the American military goes unprepared to war but that this is not the real problem. The real problem is that they are deep in war for 7 to 8 years right now and ending the war is starting to become a big issue. But than again the question arises how to stop the war. You can stop your involvement in a war, but can you do this when you started it?

They discussed different wars, from the American Revolution to the first Gulf War. And even though the Iraq and Afghanistan wars weren’t planned, they were never far away from everyone’s minds.

It was an interesting session and students learned a lot. The historians know what they are talking about and it was a good place to discuss a difficult subject.

The Mickelson of this Nibley will be considered as one of this very fewer cadets who will entirely join this 2010 academic year in this U.S. Air Force Academy that is quite near on Colorado Springs of Colo starting this June. This high school whiz kid and track stars will be saying that they will be wanted upon studying on aeronautical engineering for their four year educational learning institutes where it’s an entire tuition and as well board will be paid in full. This Mountain Crest senior won’t be entirely going into this military boarding school or academy without some formal Air Force Training although they might be well ahead for their respective peers on its first day of classes. With that, Mickelson have joined this Civil Air Patrol of 2005 that will be moving up on its ranks and be using these experiences for further goals upon becoming a pilot and eventually as being an astronaut. He already added that it’s a kind that begins during this time of their four to five years of its age. It’s been their desire towards flying that has stuck on within itself. With that, ever since he was a little kid they have always wanted to become an astronaut, be a pilot and attaining its goals that will be through this Air Force Academy upon getting there. Mickelson had already become the cadet major, cadet commander, and currently had become an adviser for their commander in this Civil Air Patrol as civilian auxiliary of their U.S. Air Force. The cadets of this CAP programs entirely fulfill three missions that includes learning about military customs and drilling procedures, studying in regards in the field of aerospace education and performing emergency services that includes search and rescue operation with disaster relief. So, applying this prestigious academy will begin this past summer but this Mickelson’s admission preparation must go back even further. He also added that he really like to have this math and science field. Within this year they will take this AP statistics and must be in this tracking and cross nation. So, Mickelson will entirely be competing for this 1,600m, 5-kilometer, and 3,200m. In the last year, he already place on this 10th Cross Country tracking, the 10th of this 3,200 and 11th of this 1,600 event.

With that, the admission of this process will begin this year of June during the time that these cadets will be submitting this online application upon gathering through this basic information’s. The applications must send on their high school educational transcripts; proof for this physical fitness abilities, and information in regards to this extracurricular involvement upon the addition of completing this mandatory Department of Defense in this medical evaluation. These four years of challenging educations, the training and its physical fitness standard; Mickelson will be wearing on their uniform for daily classes and can only be allowed to base off during their personal time. Its been considered that the experience of this stringent of cadets can’t be handle since he is just one of their best tools upon becoming successful cadets due to the reason that there are quite flexible and adaptable towards in their strenuous experiences. Their first six weeks serve as the Basic Cadet Training where in the cadets will get acclimated in this base lifestyle and learning in regards to their rules as being a cadet. The weeks will be referred as process when this cadets will learn on the basics of life as an Air Force. They will be learning on how to properly wear on their uniform, perform different military courtesies, the drilling exercises, the marching of its formation, maintaining and issuing equipment and its dorm rooms. They have also studying this history and organizations in Air Force and Air Force Academy and to some other topics. These weeks four of six are entirely designated towards this military field training. The cadets will be building on and continually maintain this tent city, learn about the aspect of assault, the obstacles of military career course skills, about first aids, physical fitness activities, weapons for this drill, inspections and some other activities for further development in their respective teamwork and as well leadership potentials. Aside of that, special career courses will be offered through teaching learners in regards about respect for this religious practices and avoidance of any kind of harassment. During this fourth year of its school, Mickelson will start their two years of flight educational training with their hopes foregoing their experimental pilot programs from this NASA had already been known upon drawing this astronaut trainees. Upon joining this military career entirely means as an eight year obligation for this teen but in four years of their respective academy and two years in flight career education training count towards this commitment.

This month will be a new start for some military schools here in the United States. Since, there are several concerns that have arise for the past years in regards to the quality of academic services that that some of the schools that been given out. As result, the government gives its warning of closure of the low performing schools. Part of the schools that been affected are the three military schools or academy in the country are the Oak Park Elementary and J. S. Clark Middle Schools, Woodland High School and Barret Elementary. As of now, those low performing military schools that been mentioned have reborn its name and as well its military education system in order to be more progressive in giving out its military academic services to its learners. The Oak Park Elementary Military School is now called Oak Park MicroSociety Elementary. J.S. Clark Middle School got its new name as J. S. Clark MicroSociety Academy. The Woodlawn High School is also reborn as Woodlawn Military Leadership Academy and Barret Paideia Academy got its new name as Barret Paideia Academy.

The rebirth of the previous considered low performing military schools or military boarding school serve a new beginning that this institution will truly provide a quality military academic services and trainings to its learners. In which, new programs was been set in order to initiate the development or progress of this military schools. In Barret Paideia Academy, the new aim of this military school is to lift up their military education through teaching the learners with independent thinking. The Woodlawn High Military Leadership Academy new goal for this month and for the coming years was to develop their academic programs into a more progressive on. In which, the school will now provide structured environment that will promote character building, academic excellence, effective communication, leadership training, citizenship, strengthening thy self esteem, physical fitness, and promote to become team players. On the other hand the Oak Park MicroSociety Elementary and J.S. Clark MicroSociety Academy provides educational learning system that will teach students about life skills and figure them out on how to relate what they have learn during their class. Since, these military private schools provide a venue for real world context for rigorous academic learning. In which, the traditional academic subjects will be studied accordingly then applied during the program activities in military education and as well allowed the learners to examine and solve complex problems and develop their higher order of thinking skills through engagement of activities.

It had been known that the military schools provide an effective way of providing military education and training. In which, discipline is at hand. No wonder that military educational training is quite exhausting regardless on its academic field. Although, it’s quite exhausting but the formation and the learning’s that been got provides a greater venue are very much worthwhile. Most of the military schools that been established here in the United States were usually been enclosed in a boarding system or called as Military Boarding School. It had been observed that those individuals or learners that are enrolled to this type of educational learning system of military boarding institutes come from the family of military soldiers or who have some backgrounds about military aspects. In which, they have transferred their vision to their sons and daughters about the values and the educational aspects that can be gained of military education.

As some point, the military boarding school will also serve as a gateway for some of the learners to continue or forego a higher military education to the military academies for the pursuant of a military career and become a certified military soldier in the country that will serve to defend and fight against any invaders of peace and harmony of the country. Since, military soldiers are been mainly designed to protect the welfare and well being of the people. Just like the case of Lt. Gen. William B. Caldwell in which long before he came from a military boarding school and there he began to learn about the basic of military education and take some basic trainings on it. As the years goes by, he realized that he likes the things that he do in the military boarding school and continue to do by foregoing a military career. With the orientation that he got in his childhood years, it’s not anymore new to him about the basics of military education program and on its training. Although, he already used to it but at some point the stirs or eagerness of wanting to be trained more pushes him to forego more steps for a higher military education in order to become part of the military tasks force in the country. His effort and aspiration to become a real military soldier in order to serve as a protector of peace and welfare of the people provides him a long way. No wonder that he is now one of the commanders in the U.S. Army which leads and provides leadership training to his subordinate.

Different military schools have already established in the country with its different approaches or techniques in giving out quality military educational training to its learners. Even though that the different military schools in the country uses different kinds of approaches but still they have one common goal and that is to equip their learners with knowledge and skills about the basics of military education. One of the prestigious military schools here in the United States is the Southeast Academy Military and Law Enforcement High School. This military school caters high school students in order to be educationally trained about the basics of military education and be much prepared if they set forth in foregoing a military career in the future.

According to Richard Rhaburn Jr, he was so glad to study in Southeast Academy Military and Law Enforcement High School. Since, it gives him a sense of worth and it really changes him a lot. The leadership skills and characters that he got in this military boarding school move him to become a better student with goal oriented person. As a result, he became part of the honor lists in his batch. He was so glad for the good outcome that it brings to himself as he continues his military education in this educational learning institution. The change that he got was very much inspiring to his parents and even to his friends due to the fact that he totally changes for the better. Since, he already got high grade ratings over his academic education and as well training comparing when he was still studying to his previous educational learning institutes. In which, he only got D’s and F’s grades which frustrate his parents about it. Aside of the good academic outcome and leadership training that Richard Rhaburn got in this military educational learning institute, he also gained some discipline and be diligent enough to follow its daily military routine and inspection. In which, the day should start in a morning flag raising or assembly, inspection of uniforms and ends with physical training. With these type of routinely activity, really trained the young individuals to become well rounded in dealing on its life. As a result, the government tries to see if they can establish more military high schools that will serve as a good venue to learn more about military education.

Let’s admit it that disciplining children nowadays are kind of too difficult because of the influences in schools, televisions, internet and other forms of media which may have a hand in the changes of their behavior. Many older people have this to say that today’s generation of pupils and students are really different than during their time. There are now too much distraction on the part of students while in their schools or in other places. The existence of military prep schools is one of the best alternatives seen by school administrators to minimize the bad behavioral pattern the children develop. They have developed a system pattern from genuine military schools where discipline is given much attention. However, in a military prep school the disciplining factor is not really as harsh as when you are entering a military school.

Below are important facts about military prep schools that parents should know and understand in order to avoid confusion, branding this kind of school as over reacting when it comes to disciplining school children just like in military schools.

1. Military prep schools also give importance to discipline just like military schools but not as hard as what parents may have been thinking about this kind of schools.

2. Military prep school is a new system of education developed by people who have already been alarmed by the bad behavioral patterns of today’s generation of children.

3. Military prep schools are also focused in giving direction to students to develop career education for their future. These schools know very well that school children must be guided in order to become responsible citizens when they become adults.

4. Military prep schools also follow education curriculum as mandated by the government to various schools – only that they also added the value of discipline amongst students so that their growing bad behavioral patterns can be controlled and minimized.

5. Military prep schools are just like any normal schools but they are very effective in using a new system incorporating discipline to the old medium of instruction in traditional schools. This means they are like military schools but not as hard when it comes imposition of discipline as others perceive it to be.

It had already been noted that there were several military academies or schools that have existed here in the United States. Even the young children were already taught about the basics of military education and its system through military prep schools that been established in the different part of the country. No wonder that most of the learners who have undergone military prep school at their younger years were quite inclined to forego a higher military educational training as a gage for entering a military career. In that case, these military prep schools are very much important because they have played an important role in the society especially in the military system.

Two of the toughest and great military leaders here in the country who undergone a military education in their early years in the different military prep schools of the country are Col Jeffrey Sanderson and Ft. Jackson’s chief of staff in the army. Both of these men have served well in their military field and had showed a greater inspiration to the cadets or even their subordinate soldiers. The leadership skills and character that they have both acquired were already been learned at their early age and it was even more exercised as they continually further their military educational training in military prep schools or to the different military boarding school and academy in the country. According to them, making a difference in the field of their work is their greater aim in order to provide a quality service for the American people and to the country. As they continue to inspire their fellow soldiers and cadets to do more in their respective military field, they also encourage several young individuals to join them in the military task force. As well, they also give much acknowledgement to the different military schools and academies especially the military prep schools that been enlisted in the national school directory of the country which become as a gage in order to trained more young individuals to become future military leaders in the country that can defend or protect its people and country from harm with the assurance that no one will invade its peace and harmony.

Military academies are very much important because it the core source of higher degree of educational training in order to become military soldiers or be part in the military field. Here in the United States, there are several military academies that been established. As well, there are several young individuals especially men who aspire to become part and serve in the military field in the country. Although, there are several young individuals who aspire to this career field but entering the military academies is not that easy. Since, it needs recommendation from the different higher government officials in the country most especially the president of state in order to allow a certain individual to take military career education training in the different military academies in the country. Winning the recommendation of higher government officials is quite a challenge for those young individuals who really want to enter in the military academies. Since, young individuals must prove itself worthy for the recommendation that they should be getting. One of the factors that they can be needed in order to win the recommendation upon entering into the military academies is the followings:

  • Must have obtained a higher or average rate in GPA.
  • Posses a good leadership skills
  • Physically fit
  • Participation in any sport activities
  • Possess the necessary character especially integrity
  • Shows abstinence from any drugs or alcoholic liquors

Most of the time Congresswoman Heather Wilson is one of the main sources in order to provide recommendation for those individuals who wishes to enter in one of the military academies of the country that been enlisted in the national military school directory here in the United States such as Naval academy in Annapolis, West Point, Merchant Marine Academy and the Air Force. According to her, she can provide her recommendation to a well deserving individuals who does not just academically performing well but potential leaders or military soldiers who can survive the different exhausting military trainings in the military academy and become future defenders in the society. Since, entering a military life is never that easy due to the fact that it entails risking its own life for the service of the nation and to its people.

In order to fast track its recruitment to the new members of the United States naval academy, it presented its new tool and other promotional materials. The goal is also to make a new look on the way the naval academy invites potential cadets to join the naval force. The new naval academy marketing tools is designed to invite more students to get interested in the training and later join the US forces. The new tools include a promotional video which reportedly features Asian, African-American and Hispanic midshipmen. The US naval academy is planning to increase recruitment for minorities in its campus in the Annapolis district.

Jeffrey Fowler, the superintendent of the said academy is hoping that at least 47 percent in its enrollees in the Annapolis campus should belong to the minorities. It was earlier reported in a report that with the 1,250 plebes that joined the Annapolis campus only 351 are minorities. Fowler said this 28 percent population of the minorities is not enough and they are still planning to double the number through the use of this new recruitment tools now ready to use in their campaigns in the next weeks. Just like the recruitment in many schools world wide, the US naval academy is also planning to visit the countryside during recruitment period.

Fowler said the one minute video commercial showing minority midshipmen manning the planes and ships should set an example what exciting life could be inside the academy. The official believes it’s just in a matter how the recruitment officers present the idea to the students to steal their interest on the very exciting and memorable life in the naval force. This if you are already enrolled or serving the country.

Aside from the 60-minute video there is also another 15-minute clip in film version so that students would feel like they’re just watching a film during their visitation schedules in Philadelphia, Baltimore and New York. Cmdr. Jim Jackson, who is class 1975 of the naval academy, said, he is supporting the good plans of Fowler. His plan can help students in the right path, instead of destroying their lives in vices and other temptations of the outside world.