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I really wondered how in the great wide world it that military schools in the United States are pushed to be the ultimate resolution of a troubled teen. We all know—which I assume all of us are already informed—that military schools are institutions with high standard where appropriate students are the only ones required to enrol. Like most military sites we know, these kinds of schools accept students who have no major behavioral issues. So if a teen is troubled, clearly he or she is not qualified.

But since most parents find military school a refuge, such institutions have provided alternatives to still provide the needs of such teens that need emotional and psychological needs. Regardless of the military schools’ standards, still they give remedies for those teens that have special needs.

Since we cannot add military schools for boys in Texas as one of the lists, one of the alternatives for troubled teens recommended are the residential treatment centers. According to a site, these centers are similar to specialty boarding schools, except they include individual and group therapy. The programs inclusive to these kinds of schools are full academic program to allow the teens to continue their education while at the centers. Such centers differ from the second alternative we will be mentioning here, like the specialty boarding schools since they have therapist on staff and don’t usually need to contract outside services to provide individual and group therapy.

Boarding schools are other recommended alternatives for troubled teens. This a general term since there are various types of these such as All-boys or all-girls boarding schools, Christian boarding schools, creative arts boarding schools, junior boarding schools, and a lot more. Therapeutic boarding schools are also known for residential treatment centers, which we have been mentioning a while ago.

So, there is no need to panic if your troubled teens cannot be accepted to military schools because there are some other choices willing to provide such need.

Military schools in the United States either sponsored by private or by the government also welcome international students. These intuitions teach different ages of students who have mission in the future to give service to military for their country. For the reason that M.S. in the US proffer best quality of education and training, many young people from other countries are encourage to complete their studies in the United States.

More and more international students who are interested in achieving college schooling for the intention of becoming a commissioned military officer in their country’s Armed Forces can now pursue their career goals eligibly, because the United States Congress is authorizing International Students Enrollment Program. Mainly supervised by the United States Sec. of Defense, the facilitation of the said program for international students offer cost-effective educational experience and opening students to become highly trained military leaders.

As a result, students from various parts of the world, in the largest part, select military boarding schools since they live from far countries. Most of these types of schools are privately-owned and privately-sponsored. In the sense of keeping their reputation, they organize all the necessary things that are important to learn and gain by aspiring students, including the manner and traditional trainings specialized in the host country.

Georgia, California, Mississippi, and/ or Virginia military schools have an extensive and eminent history with unyielding curriculums and education coaching in the arts of military.

Some of the major why international students prefer to take their military degree completion in military schools in the United States verified by a reliable military source is due of the following:

1. The chance to study at M.S. in the U.S. will enable them to enter into American universities and colleges.

2. The high competency and knowledge in English Language is an advantage to learn as well.

3. Students are exposed to U.S. strong dealing of military viewpoints and discipline.

4. They will become independent, disciplined, and mature as they live away from home; whereas, gaining precious friends from different races.

M.S. in the US for International military aspirants to learn from the country is expected to be provided with administrative and educational support to return their reliance to US country.

A military high school is constructive option for your child’s preparation in college. The structure and the discipline entail students to be good people as to focus on their education. The demanding tasks and accountabilities to bear by college students are factually heartrending for the weak. So the military institutions help a lot to make them burly and responsible to face every decision to make while struggling on higher education.

According to a professor in a well university in the U.S. that those students who have studied in a military high school are more academically strong to face the circumstances in the challenging world of college:

1. They do their very best in classes.

2. They participate actively in sports and other extracurricular activities in school. Firm accomplishments while in high school at military institution. One common attitude to have in terms of sport is the potential leadership, which is achievable and learnable in military schools. You can expect students from military schools in the United States to gain this skill, which is measured in the through extracurricular activities involvement, as well as, JORTC.

3. They willingly share their time to lend a hand in community services, rather than those who haven’t got the chance to study kin an institution that administers military programs. A great number of students who attend military schools have the aspiration to serve their country. Thus, the college or university those students apply for admission display on their essays and to their personal interviews how motivated they are to be part of the service for the development of their society. This perception is a BIG plus to obtain an acceptance in their prospective school.

The recommendation from teachers and coaches in their previous military high school is very important, that’s why most of the prospective students from this learning environment skip the grueling process of the university admission.

Judging the students that came from traditional school and military school, those who graduated from the latter in high school has the bigger opportunity to be admitted in the university.

How do you describe exceptional military schools in the United States? There are crucial aspects to know if the military school you are into gives comprehensive worth educational program which is best describe below:

  • The institution should provide high academic standards.
  • The courses offered should have the concepts of all-inclusive facets to become a solemn civilian and/ or a military member.
  • The curriculum must be furnished through teach hard-core Science, Math, and English courses.
  • They would serve as a good model to their students to recognize the love for country, in addition to take place on teaching high assessment of physical fitness, at the same time as not putting the team m of the sports ahead of their academic value.
  • It is important to an exceptional military school to determine the value of integrity, honesty, leadership, loyalty, and most specially, self-discipline.

When you truly aspire to be in military service, it is prudent to be educated in one of the country’s day or boarding military school and enhance the knowledge through military summer school during school break of the year.

Make it to this summer to learn unique and exciting summer programs that furnish a mixture of academic features and summer adventure. You can also consider military summer camp, in which most probably, mornings are spent inside the classroom for academics to make up credits, while during afternoon, and students are out in the field to do physical activities with the objective to enrich their life-skills growth.

There are countless different types of military summer schools and camps for young people who want to gain knowledge and train themselves along their personal aims in life. Seeing teenagers to have the quickest changes in emotions, behaviors, and inner psychology, with the support of their parents and these institutions they enable to the opposing situations and develop what are only right for their future.

Military schools in United States are offered wide ranging; they exist for both boys and girls who encompass the aim for mostly military services. Tough these institutions are not really the basic requirement to join in the country’s military services branches, but it can, however, certainly help the students to concentrate on their goals, as well as, to their academic trainings.

Basically, which is proven already, students will incline to learn values and pragmatic life skills that will pave them to the way to success in their future careers.

Teenagers are individuals who are in search for their identity. They often go rowdy at times but we can understand that it is part of life – and part of the human process. In today’s society where morals and values have become a second option, many teenagers have grown lost and distracted.

One proof of youth as being exiled from the core values is the degrading academic performance of most youth of today. With so many superfluous things in the society, students have been into alcoholism, computer and gadget addiction, and petty crimes which are affecting their daily education.


Tufts University research show that approximately 159,000 students will most likely drop out of school due to alcohol and drug related reasons. Alcoholic teenagers do have the same problems of tardiness, irritability in class, and less cooperation. Often, they are likely to be absent because of hung-over due to binge drinking.

Psychologically, teenage alcoholism affects every student on a particular culture subtly. The acceptance of alcoholism as some sort of “coolness and manliness” has a direct impact on students and their academic performance.

Most road-related accidents are caused by consuming alcohol. In the US, it is sad to know that there a considerable number of D.U.I convicted students before they can graduate from high school.

Legal and Illegal Drugs

Whether it’s legal or illegal drugs, drug addiction is the greatest desolator of teenage dreams. Legal drugs which are taken by most students include alcohol, prescribed medications, aerosols, over-the-counter cough and cold medications, and inhalants. Illegal drugs include marijuana, cocaine, opiates, heroin, and designer drugs.

Students who are into drug abuse may encounter problems in health, emotions, family, school, and anti-social demeanors. Academic performance is dreadful with teenagers who are addicted to drugs.

What School can safeguard your Teenagers?

There’s a lot of educational institutions out there; sad to say not all have the capacity to incorporate strict discipline. Many public schools worldwide are facing the same issues related with drug abuse and alcoholism and still the problems are left unsolved. So, what is the safest school for your teenager who also offers the same academic curriculum?

Military schools in the United States are known worldwide as reputable schools. West Point for example doesn’t tolerate any act of alcoholism and drug abuse. Such military education institution maintains the highest standard over the schools in the US.

Military schools and other army schools don’t speak for themselves but through real life testimonials of successful presidents and leaders of the nation. Troubled teenagers before and now enrolled in military therapeutic schools have recovered from same problems. We should be vigilant enough for our teenagers in keeping them away from the bad influences of the modern society.

The military schools in the United States is composed of federal military academies which recruits and places graduates on different military branches and senior military academies which offers Reserve Officer Training Corps programs. The federal military academies are more of an exclusive school for students who are aspiring to be in the military while some military schools are part of large universities in the US.

These are some of the most prestigious military schools in the United States of America

The United States Military Academy

The Academy is also known as West Point Military Academy. The army school have been founded in 1802 and considered to be the one of the oldest academy. West Point is also known for its strict and selective admissions. Students will need to pass the standards including a nomination from two congressmen. The tuition is charged on the army and will be paid by students after graduation with corresponding service in the US military.

Texas A&M

The military school in Texas was founded in 1876. Texas A&M is a large state university with approximately 1,900 cadets. The military college has two Air Force wings, two Marine regiments, and two Navy regiments.

United States Naval Academy

Annapolis, Maryland. The United States Naval Academy produces quality officers for the Navy. The admissions are very selective that it could only enroll 4,400 midshipmen at one time.

United States Air Force Academy

The military academy is known to be the most laudable liberal arts college in the country. The military school is home to approximately 4,500 cadets. The primary role of the academy is to train undergraduates for officers. More than three quarters of the school faculty are officers in the Air Force.

Norwich University

Norwich University is home to both cadet corps and regular student body. The university is considered to be the oldest private military school in the United States – and known to be the origin of ROTC.

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

The University is known to be the most military-friendly university. Virginia Tech is home to Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets – a separate college inside the university. The university has been founded in 1872 and has 2,200 cadets.

United States Merchant Marine Academy

The United States Merchant Marine Academy trains officers for the United States Merchant Marine. The midshipmen are trained with subjects related to running a ship, such maritime law, and navigation.

Military schools for boys have been long connected with US military academy history. Most of these schools and academies have started recruiting boys in the past decades. However, times have changed and more women are getting into the military institutions which was considered a taboo decades before the current period.

American forces are marking a good reputation in aid for the disastrous Japan tsunami calamity. About 20,000 troops have been deployed to the rising sun to help out the suffering of the Japanese people.

The operation Tomodachi is considered to be the biggest humanitarian mission the US has done for their most important ally in Asia, Japan. As the management of supplies and transportation of relief goods gets improved, the US military have been targeting hard-hit spots and providing relief goods for hundreds of Japanese who were shattered by the tsunami.

People are astounded how the Americans help out Japan in these of disaster. Many Japanese near the American base are thankful for the hard work such American soldiers employ in helping them. The American soldiers have been successful in cleaning up the Sendai airport so far. To mention that Sendai have been the center of much destruction during the tsunami.

Today, the airport runways are now clean and free of mud, tossed cars, rubble, and destroyed fragments of collapsed buildings. The site has been like going back in time wherein US forces do not know where to begin cleaning. It was like an archaeological site wherein everything was mashed up.

Over 19 ships, 140 air-crafts, 18, 282 personnel were supporting the mission. They were sending barges filled with freshwater to help cool the broken nuclear power plant which has been expected to explode anytime if not cooled. US fighter planes are also helping the Japanese authorities in search for survivors while two of its air-crafts are helping in monitoring the nuclear power plant.

And over 500 of US Soldiers have been giving blankets and supplies as well as support in refueling military helicopter for smoother operations.

The 2011 Sendai Earthquake and Tsunami

A magnitude of 9 quaked off Japan’s Northeast coast Friday, March 11 which triggered a huge tsunami resulting to humanitarian damages, and about 18,000 people killed. Chile and New Zealand also suffered massive devastation brought by the shaking of the earth. These regions are belonging to the Pacific Ring of Fire and are expected to experience such inconveniences.

The US Armed Forces

These are military forces trained in the United States in many of its military schools and academy. Recently, these brave men are sent to Japan to help out Japanese brothers in search, rescue, and support.

As part of the mission and virtues of the US Armed Forces, they have been obliged to help out those who are in need, specially their allied countries. Such principle is taught in most military schools in the United States as well as other countries. As of now, there has been visible progress in the continuing effort of American-Japanese rescue operations.

Do you have the qualifications to be at West Point Military Academy? The academy is one of the most prestigious military schools in the United States. The standards and expectations at the institution are basically high compared to several military schools. Mostly, students are chosen from different private and public schools. And they aren’t ordinary students, but leaders and top athletes.

Everybody can be qualified in West Point if the aspire and work to be. Aside from the factors which are governed by self hard work; there are also requirements which are created by the institution to screen prospective enrollees.

West Point Admission Requirements

In order to be admitted at West Point, a student must pass the three areas of evaluation; academic performance, demonstrated leadership potential, and physical aptitude. Strict medical requirements should also be grasped and applicants must be a United States citizen, at least 17 years and not yet 23 years old on July 1 of admission. Applicants must not have any legal obligation to support a child, pregnant, or married. Naturalized citizens are required to pass certain documents.


West Pont is particular with the high school and college academic record. Applicants will be asked to pass a full record of attendance or transcript of records to be evaluated by the recruiting committee. They must also have high scores on Assessment Program Test or SAT Reasoning Test.

Course Requirements

Applicants must have:

  1. 4 years of English with strong emphasis on grammar, composition, speech and literature.
  2. 4 years of college preparatory mathematics comprised of geometry, algebra, immediate algebra, trigonometry as a minimum.
  3. 2 years of foreign language.
  4. 2 years of laboratory science; chemistry and physics
  5. 1 year of US history comprised of geography, economics, and government.
  6. Pre-calculus, calculus, and basic computing course are elective courses but still advantageous when studying at West Point.

Leadership Potentials

Participation in high school athletics and other extracurricular activities such as student government, clubs, and other leadership development organizations are things which will give more advantage upon enrollment at West Point.

Medical Requirements

The applicant must be physically and mentally healthy to pass a Department of Defense qualifying medical examination. For students on glasses; their eyesight must be correctible 20/20 to the eyeglasses or the contact lens worn.

The Candidate Fitness Assessment is consists of basketball throw, pull-ups for men and women, flexed-arm hang for women who can’t do pull ups, modified sit-ups, shuttle run, and one mile run. Note: each student is entitled one examination only so practice is definitely needed.


During junior high school, probably at spring, applicants must apply for a nomination in order to open a candidacy file at WestPoint. Applicant should write a letter to the congressional representative to request a nomination. A candidate can’t be offered admission if they don’t have any nominations. For further information, contact West Point Academy or visit them online

The military uses a lot of warnings especially when they are on the field. Never the less, some instructions might too funny to read that it even signals comedic aura underneath its serious intentions.

In our previous articles we have seen military men dance like never before and it was totally funny. Now, the military schools blog searched for some seriously delivered military warnings with a humorous twist guaranteed to put a smirk on some lonely readers out there.

  1. “Aim towards the Enemy” – the instruction written on a US Rocket Launcher. Except if you managed to do some friendly fire.
  2. “Try to look Unimportant; the Enemy might be out of Ammo” — Infantry Journal— the question is how do we look unimportant that our enemies won’t waste their last load of ammo for us.
  3. “If you have a Personality Conflict with your Superior; He has the Personality, You have the Conflict” —definitely no more arguing with your superior, it’s useless.
  4. “Success occurs when No One is Looking, Failure occurs when the General is watching” — Heads up cadets, make sure you’re on your perfect mindset when this person comes.
  5. “If you see a Bomb Technician running, try to Keep Up with Him” —U.S.A. Ammo— it’s the only way to get an unfair advantage against the equal opportunity landmines or maybe He did some error on cutting the green wire.
  6. “The Best Armor is staying out of Gun-Shot” —and the best tip ever in staying 100 percent alive.
  7. “Even if Submarines should work by a Miracle, it will never be used. No Country in this World would ever use such a vicious and petty form of Warfare” — William Henderson, British Admiral
  8. “The complexity of a Weapon is Inversely Proportional to the Intelligence Quotient of the Weapon’s Operator”.
  9. “Never share a Foxhole with an Individual Braver that You”
  10. “Bravery is being the only one who knows you’re Afraid” — Col. David Hackworth— Very true.
  11. “Artillery is the King of Battle: the King can’t swim, However, which is why we Need you Guys” — USMC arty specialist to a group of Navy officers in an Amphibian Warfare Indoc course.
  12. “When in Doubt, Empty your Magazine” — no coward is allowed in the army; only truly brave men and men who tries to be brave.
  13. “If you are Short of Everything but the Enemy; you are in the Combat Zone” — so fire up your guts because you aren’t in some house party.

About Military Academies:

—Commonly called as service academy, an educational institution which prepares candidates for service in the officer corps of the Army. There are several military schools in the United States, Russia, and other parts of the globe.

There are many ways an individual can get employed in the armed forces. Attending a military boarding school is considered to be the main way of penetrating the military services. How about those individuals who did not graduate from any army school? Can a degree holder become eligible for army services? Let’s find out.

Non Military School Graduates Can Still Serve the Army

Fortunately, everybody has the chance of serving the army; especially those who are into public service. The U.S. Navy seeks all qualified college degree holders to offer military service as well as civilian support.

  • Nurses – with the growth of the older generation, nurses are highly in demand. Actually, it is of the hottest jobs of the year. Due to the assumed high demand for medical services, many students have enrolled unto nursing degrees. Many would be employed in hospitals worldwide but for those interested in serving the army the will have to pass initial screenings in order to serve as nurses in the Navy. Associate degree holders will need to have 1 year field experience while those with bachelor degrees can immediately apply for the navy without experience needed.
  • Engineers – the Navy needs mechanical engineers, Industrial engineers, electrical engineers, engineering scientists, interdisciplinary engineers, and general engineers. The Navy can much utilize engineers in different fields. However, aspirants will have to present some engineering degrees to be eligible. Of course, a skill in mathematics and problem solving is a greater advantage. Most advanced positions will likely require advanced degrees in engineering. And don’t ever worry about the naval salary, because it is $120,000 as of October 2010.
  • Other college graduates – the rest of the degree holders can also apply for the army and not only limited to some public degrees alone. The NROTC is the best way to make your way into the navy. Furthermore, doctors and lawyers will always have the advantage of applying into the navy through the Officer Candidate School (OCS).

Being a military employee gives a lot of privileges from a good salary, insurance, pension, including scholarship for spouse and children. Aside from that, there are always opportunities for advancements. Serving the country is also an honor and a once in a lifetime chance. Plus as part of the Naval Army, you will always have the chance to see the world and travel through oceans.

Military school graduates have the greatest advantage in U.S. Navy applications because most of the army population will be dissected from these institutions. So why not consider now enrolling in any military schools in the United States if you are dreaming of a military career in the future. Everything might come true if you put determination and discipline at the highest level you can reach.