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A testimony from a parent or a student in military or army schools is very important to keep up the echelon of the institutions in good reputation. In almost all schools of this type of educational institutions have encompassed a testimonial section on their personal websites to divulge to families of new students that their status is competent that track quality system of instruction and training.

That is why “M. S. Testimonials” section is the key factor of army schools that made them stand and linger through the years of service for higher level reputation. Freshmen military students look for testimonial section on the websites to know if the school is reliable according to their needs.

If military schools earned pessimistic testimonials from people before, now, they converted into one of the premier educational settings earned salutation from over thousands of families that have teenagers who are interested to be part in the military service.

One reputable military boarding school in the U.S. has turned their student’s life into great existence. Here’s how this school developed the life of its cadets through testimonials from a current student of a military school said that his life truly changed into positive, as it also changed the lives of his entire family. His family can’t believe how a military school where he attends accomplished realistic achievements only in a short point of time.

From a recent graduate of a military academy gave his testimony regarding the school where he graduated within the U.S. said that the institution has just set his entire character. “It changed my whole perspective. It prepared me for this college opportunity, which I’m about to pursue. I can’t think of a greater experience that I could have had than coming to this Military Academy.”

That’s how important is the testimony to the upshot and the process of military or army schools; it worked in an assured way anyway up till now.

Many parents and students are confounding when it comes to picking the best M.S. in the US. You don’t have to be because there are loads of outstanding military schools in Alabama that are exceptionally beneficial when your purpose is to grow your child in the environment that’s filled with worthwhile disciplined, leading him or her towards alteration for maturity.

“I believe this school saved my son from a destructive lifestyle. Now he is focused on positive things and his goals are to get good grades and to be a leader. I am amazed at the change in him.” – a comment from a mother in one of the best military schools in Alabama.

Any army schools or military academies are definitely not for young people who are rowdy, lazy, and lack of discipline; what these institutions proffer to their students is contrary to what are mentioned. Subsequently, this is why more and more parents admire and salute the dignity that these schools are holding.

When you want your child to be in a military school in Alabama, you have to know further key information as follow:

  1. Extra-curricular activities are offered such as sports, as well as performing arts. These programs in military schools are provided to give more meaning in teens physical aspects and skills within the grounds of a particular institution.
  2. For troubled teens, this program is usually uncommon in many military schools, because these types of teens need appropriate therapy. But when you are determine, you can discover one in some of the army schools that offer disciplinary actions for rebellious teenagers.
  3. Most institutes for military education have small class sizes, 1 is to1 teacher-student ratio that can instantaneously observe every student standing with their lesson and give them quality instructing.
  4. Military training is important in military schools. They manage strict regulation but putting it in a proper way during training in the field. The consistent integrity of military schools in Alabama is discernible through their comprehensive system from academic to training and extra-curricular activities.

Eventually, the military schools are chiefly well-matched to young people who seek for prospective military careers.

As parents, we always wanted our children to have a better life. Nobody wants them to be in difficulties, so in all possibilities, we want them to learn how to cope with problems for life is never been easy to deal with. Viewing this sensitivity, military high schools turn to be many parents’ option for their children educational institution, in particular to Christian military schools.

And these are the reasons why:

  1. Provide an atmosphere where boys and girls can recognize the meaning of duty, discipline, honor, and integrity.
  2. Some families were attracted to Christian schools where Christian faith is founded to help out struggling teenagers a good manner that reflects Christianity principles. The students are call to regularly attend chapel, so that they are open from all faiths.
  3. It is normal in military school daily life, especially when you choose boarding institutions to wakeup early everyday. The daily schedule is habitually rigorous that oblige students to begin their preparation as early as 6 in the morning, seeing that most of military high schools including the Christian focus on educational achievement for them to excel inside the classroom and further in life.

However, when you select for Christian military schools there are couple of considerations to take note, because there are a few different types of this school. In the U.S. different religions handle different faith catered in military schools. These religions are:

• Roman Catholic
• Baptist
• Calvinist
• Eastern Orthodox
• Episcopal
• Methodist
• Moravian
• Seventh Day Adventist

Depending base on your faith and academics distinguishing Christian institutions is by denomination. So if your teen aspire to enter in military or army schools, suggest to him or her the aspects of institutions that mainly tailor Christian principles in addition to military learning. Useful sources in identifying your concerns in terms of finding the right school for your child can be viewed through accrediting agencies and to independent school association.

Eventually, sending your child in Christian military high schools transform your child into a good human being, endowed with optimism to have enough hope to make you, as parents, and his or her life happy in the moral with God he/ she believes.

It’s been known for many Americans that out of the military schools in North Carolina, Oak Ridge is the recognized official military school. Well, it’s also been known for this school to be the only military school for boys for quite some time and now it’s known to be the first among private military schools to enroll girls in the cadet corps. It’s also the second oldest military academy in the United States and it has been accepting students for years since 1991.

The school’s focus lies on leadership and discipline. In fact, it emphasizes more on students becoming leaders rather than followers. They believe in developing the leadership characteristics of self-discipline and self-confidence. Isn’t this what you’ve been looking for in army schools? To allow your kids develop into competent leaders and become potential history makers in the future?

Oak Ridge has mission and vision that you will prepare your kids when they will be in college. The leadership philosophy alone is founded on the belief that good followers make leaders good. Prior to leadership, the school also highlights teamwork and cooperation, character development, and submission to authority. And more, Oak Ridge provide the framework for leadership experiences via multiple initiatives and opportunities, ranging from Congressional Youth Leadership Conferences to Legislative Page Programs, from Cadet Recruit to Corps Commander.

The school has so many feature that you will definitely get interested with. Here are the features as its official site details:

• Cadet Corps Participation 100% (Optional for female students)
• JROTC Leadership Positions
• Leadership Training & Practice
• Mentoring &Motivating Experiences
• Summer Leadership Camps
• Drill & Ceremonies Competition
• Legislative Page Program
• Raider Challenge Program

So if you’re looking for a specific and most excellent military school, take Oak Ridge as your initial choice.

It’s always been the parents’ joy to see their children succeed in their lives by finishing their studies and have their own job. But what’s more important for the parents is to really see them not just to become successful academically or financially, but to see them have a transformed life and become individually responsible and independent.

That is why when your child goes to a military boarding school; you will certainly get good results on your child’s changes and development. Just as the testimonials quoted below; they were grateful they sent their children to army schools and they did get maximized and incredible results.

Here are three of the various military school testimonials parents have said to a particular military school.

“Our son received support, guidance, and knowledge from the faculty at Camden that has given him all the tools necessary to succeed in life. We believe CMA prepared him for many of the challenges he will face while he is at West Point these next four years.”
Walter & Kimberly Mcrae
Keith Mcrae Cma Class Of 2010

“Not only did Camden Military Academy change Bentz’s life, it changed our entire family’s life in a more positive way realizing such accomplishments are feasible within short periods of time for all young men at the Academy.”
B i l l & Jeanne Tourtellot

“Without a doubt, sending Anthony to Camden was a great decision…his character was molded in that military academy.”
Michael Groove
My Delicious Life with Paula Deen

In addition, here is a quoted testimonial from a military student himself as to what changes military schools have done to his life:

“Camden Military Academy just set the whole tone for me. It changed my whole perspective. It prepared me for this college opportunity, which I’m about to pursue. I can’t think of a greater experience that I could have had than coming to Camden Military Academy. ”
Ryan Wannamaker CMA Class Of 2010

So I hope these praise reports will serve as inspirations to you to really send your children to military schools.

Most of us have been very familiar with military boarding school and other kinds of military-related schools. We’ve also been oriented as to what these army schools have done in order for the young generation to grow and develop into responsible citizens.

But how effective are these schools really? How are we going to attest it? Well, testimonials from parents who chose to let their children enrol to these schools will definitely serve as good evidence. Here are three of the various quoted testimonials that parents shared in a post. It was specifically detailing a definite military school to which some of you might have been interested to go to.

Here are the quoted testimonials.

“My son attended the Marine Military Academy and I must say that it was a very positive influence for him. He just earned his Doctorate in Education and is a Superintendent of Schools at a large school district in Texas. Thank you MMA for what you did for him.”
- Submitted by a parent

I really cannot believe what some people say about the MMA, It’s the most wonderful school environment ever. Our young men become well rounded and strong in all aspects of their world around them. My Hats off to the MMA.
- Submitted by a parent

My son attended the summer camp program and he had an excellent experience. He worked hard, made good friends, had a lot of fun, got to feel an enormous sense of accomplishment running the obstacle courses and he even learned to make his bed and sweep the floor (lol). He was also in the aerospace elective so he now has knowledge and some experience flying small planes which is SUPER COOL! I am very satisfied with my decision to send him for a month this summer. It was an experience of a lifetime for him and he will take the memories and many of the lessons he learned with him.
- Submitted by a parent

I hope the listed testimonials above served as your evaluator that indeed, military schools are worth enrolling to.

Teenagers are individuals who are in search for their identity. They often go rowdy at times but we can understand that it is part of life – and part of the human process. In today’s society where morals and values have become a second option, many teenagers have grown lost and distracted.

One proof of youth as being exiled from the core values is the degrading academic performance of most youth of today. With so many superfluous things in the society, students have been into alcoholism, computer and gadget addiction, and petty crimes which are affecting their daily education.


Tufts University research show that approximately 159,000 students will most likely drop out of school due to alcohol and drug related reasons. Alcoholic teenagers do have the same problems of tardiness, irritability in class, and less cooperation. Often, they are likely to be absent because of hung-over due to binge drinking.

Psychologically, teenage alcoholism affects every student on a particular culture subtly. The acceptance of alcoholism as some sort of “coolness and manliness” has a direct impact on students and their academic performance.

Most road-related accidents are caused by consuming alcohol. In the US, it is sad to know that there a considerable number of D.U.I convicted students before they can graduate from high school.

Legal and Illegal Drugs

Whether it’s legal or illegal drugs, drug addiction is the greatest desolator of teenage dreams. Legal drugs which are taken by most students include alcohol, prescribed medications, aerosols, over-the-counter cough and cold medications, and inhalants. Illegal drugs include marijuana, cocaine, opiates, heroin, and designer drugs.

Students who are into drug abuse may encounter problems in health, emotions, family, school, and anti-social demeanors. Academic performance is dreadful with teenagers who are addicted to drugs.

What School can safeguard your Teenagers?

There’s a lot of educational institutions out there; sad to say not all have the capacity to incorporate strict discipline. Many public schools worldwide are facing the same issues related with drug abuse and alcoholism and still the problems are left unsolved. So, what is the safest school for your teenager who also offers the same academic curriculum?

Military schools in the United States are known worldwide as reputable schools. West Point for example doesn’t tolerate any act of alcoholism and drug abuse. Such military education institution maintains the highest standard over the schools in the US.

Military schools and other army schools don’t speak for themselves but through real life testimonials of successful presidents and leaders of the nation. Troubled teenagers before and now enrolled in military therapeutic schools have recovered from same problems. We should be vigilant enough for our teenagers in keeping them away from the bad influences of the modern society.

The United States Military Academy at West Point is one of the most prestigious military schools in the world. Students here are carefully chosen from different schools. West Point is not a military school for troubled teenagers, but a military academy for future leaders. Let’s know about the current happenings in West Point.

WestPoint Cadets Seek Wisdom from Veterans from Tut Fann Home in Huntsville

Cadets, Harrison Tyler and Drexel Martin visited the veteran home and talked with some former military servers to ask about life experiences. The two young men met James W. Reach, 85, a former Nay Reserve in the World War II.

Both cadets have been joined the military for one purpose—serving the nation. Tyler was from Bob Jones High, while Martin is a graduate of Randolph High School. Tyler was an aspirant for military service and always dreamed of serving his nation while Martin had been inspired by a suggestion.

They have been designated as Cadet Public Relations Council and so they’re work to educate every student out there regarding the military schools program of West Point. They are also ordered to visit civic communities which they can learn life experiences not taught in school.

Bordes Receives Affirmations from West Point

The Catholic High School Senior Ian Bordes will be enrolling in West Point – making his way to the path of most military heroes of the US. The son of Lt. Col. John Bordes, a 28 year veteran of the US Army’s AMPC, an army Reserve Medical professional organization.

Ian Bordes have received a recommendation from President Barack Obama despite the tough requirement of West Point including a nomination from a respective US Congressman or Senator.

Ian Bordes is a member of the Panthers football team, and earned a second team All-District honors for the previous two seasons playing as linebacker, tight and punter. He is also a proud member of the boy’s soccer team.

Even though Bordes has been scouted many times, he is determined to pursue his education some army schools and that is West Point.

Pinkston Heads to West Point
I talked to a lot of people and got interested with the academics, the military, and the physical demands of West Point Academy

Seth Pinkston is exited with the challenges the military school will offer him. After several years of being into basketball, the lad is of to pursue the passion in the military. He wants to become an officer in the army and believes that the environment at West Point will help him chase that dream.

Pinkston is a graduate from Warsaw High School and is expected to report on June 27 at West Point Academy, New York to begin a six-week basic military training before the classes starts at fall.

Have you seen obese people in the military or in any military schools? I bet you won’t find one even how hard you search the area? Why can’t these people get fat? Are they taking any slimming supplements? Or maybe they are not sleeping at all? Definitely no, will find out what is the secret of the military in staying fit.

  1. They run like there is no tomorrow – of course they do rest and they run in flocks. And before you can even step into a military academy, you must first score high or at least pass the real-world physical exam. Air force aspirants should run 1.5 miles, and 3 miles for marines. Now you should start running now if you want to be in the armed forces.
  2. They hate couch potatoes – for all we know, standing is very normal in the military. Have you noticed the British guards? They won’t move unless they are told to. Can you imagine standing for such long hours? Military schools don’t impose these of course. Sitting for 30 minutes burns 33 to 63 calories (for 110-lb. up to 216-lb individuals) while standing for 30 minutes burns 39 to 78 calories.
  3. They like to move it – The officers aren’t that friendly to exempt anyone from military drills. Marching exercises are rigid and tremendous. You don’t even have the right to scratch your back during those times.
  4. They eat right and sleep right – the military and army schools train cadets to sleep early and wake up early. It has been found out that obesity and malnutrition is due to stress, improper diet, and lack of sleep.
  5. They are punished in a healthy way – trespasses and breaking of rules have corresponding punishments such as push ups, and marching until they get tired.
  6. Definitely no video games allowed – sedimentary video games have been known a big factor in today’s obese society.
  7. Whether you like it or not, you will be involved in sports – the military institutions are usually jocks in terms of sports. They are often champions in football, basketball, running, diving, and other rigorous sports.
  8. They are awesome performers – whether in singing, playing an instrument, or dancing; military people are best at it. Dancing alone is a good outlet for getting fit and —believe us, these dudes have a lot of it to show.

The stuff above is basically just a tip of the iceberg these military people are doping “everyday”. Mentioning the sweat and physical rigidness of all these activities is definitely draining to the bones. This is the biggest idea why military people and students in most army schools succeed not only with life but as well maintain a life full of challenge and vitality.

School uniforms serves as a universal dress code for any educational institution. This is also widely observed in military schools. The sameness of outfit signals a united goal and belongingness to one another. Other than that, there are a lot of advantages in the implementation of a universal dress code in a military school and so as other non-military schools.

  1. Lesser expense with clothing – military school uniforms may come up expensive compared to other school uniforms and trendy clothing but its durability is never to be questioned. Also, parents and students won’t have the problem of buying a lot of clothing and washing too much clothes will be minimized.
  2. Senses of Discipline – uniforms are used in carrying in discipline inside and outside the campus. Even in the Armed Forces, every soldier will need to wear their uniform when carrying operations and training exercises. The oneness of outfit projects the unity of all corps whether in armed forces or at army schools.
  3. The feeling of Belongingness – whether you are from an elite or a middle earner family, their can be less discrimination because physically everyone is identical. Thus—decreasing what we call “social snobbery” and making emotional ties among students stronger.
  4. Symbolizes a sense of Unity – have you ever watch military corps marching together with their uniforms? Isn’t it very powerful to see them united? This is the very core principle of having a uniform. Unity is a virtue believed by military schools and this can be seen with the way they dress.
  5. Keeping Distraction at Bay – colorful and attractive clothing can drive away attention in the classroom especially boys. Distractions can affect the listening and performance of students. But by having the same sort of clothing will keep distractions at bay and attention at port.
  6. Neatness and Comfort – military school uniforms are designed to be comfortable in any kind of environment. These are also made sure to protect cadets from possible hazards during training exercises and condition their bodies to the future dress code in the armed forces.
  7. Represents the Institution – when we see cadets wearing full military uniforms, we think of discipline, power, and commitment. That’s why we are directed to give respect because we are used to when we see individuals who are in uniform.

Some students may find military boarding schools very strict in implementing school uniform but that have been the tradition 200 years ago. That is why cadets will be learning the significance of order and discipline inside the campus and brings it outside the real world after graduation. Students who are dreaming of a military school or a further military career must understand that they will put on their school uniforms in everyday of their training as a symbol of unity and well organization.