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Military schools which recorded having the least number of students in the past years are now seeing a gradual increase in their student body. Could this be a piece of evidence that military education had produced quality results – enticing every parent out there to send their children on prestigious military schools in the United States and the rest of the world?

Last 2009, a Lexington, Missouri military school had a dramatic increase in enrollment despite paying $30,000 annually. The army school was Wentworth Military Academy in Lexington.

According to the report, parents are getting concerned on the change happening everyday on the society and how it’s affecting their children. With so many distractions of the high technology world, such as cell phones, computer games, alcohol, bad peer influence, and etc. parents are afraid that their students might not get the best of their education in a traditional school.

In the present time, the New York Military Academy also observed a faster growth in their student body than expected this comeback year. Enrollment records an 83 student body including 36 new students. There is also a reasonable number of students who held enrollment and looked forward in the fall opening due to NYMA’s future.

The college preparatory school almost closed last spring because of financial problems. Mid-July came when the rescue was there to help the institution –as approved by its board of trustees.

Looking at the scenario, some students said to enroll into the military school because they want to be have some “pushing force” to motivate them to perform better. A musically inclined student joined the military band because she likes Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Most of students are coming from home schools wherein they find difficult to work on their own motivation. Definitely, the heavy implementation of discipline enticed home schooled students to enroll in military summer schools.

On the good note, academic programs have improved in NYMA; it might be due to stable financial support and effective strategies in saving up some expenses. Light and energy cost are being saved by housing students in Jones Barracks resulting to an untouched emergency fund which was provided by the board of trustees.

More developments are to be expected with NYMA including a sports complex on a parade ground which will also be used by the community if the school has no events of their own. The initiatives are also targeted to provide goodwill within the community. Recently, a community dance group performed at the NMA chapel.

Initially, there will be an expected fast increase of enrollment in these institutions just like online education had. The products of excellence will be the seed for the boom of military education towards the future. No question, these year is the dawning of a new age for military schools and as the society changes, more parents will be inclined to send their children in expensive and strict military schools to be keep away from unpleasant influences of the society.

The Military Boarding School Dholpur is housed in Kesarbagh palace, a magnificent mansion of the former ruler of the erstwhile Dholpur State, 10.5 kilometers away from Dholpur City.

Military School Dholpur was raised as the fifth and the youngest Military School on 16 July 1962 when was known as King George’s School.

The army school started will only 75 students but nowadays the present strength of the School is 300 boarders and 60 Day Scholars. Although it is a military school for boys but girls can entry as day scholars.

The School is category’ A’ training establishment of Indian Army controlled by OS Branch, MT -15 at Army Headquarters. The School is governed by the Central Governing Council (CGC) headed by the Defense Secretary of the Government of India.

As the institution says on its web page: “The School is not merely a center for scholastic excellence but it also caters for all round development. The vision behind its foundation is far more foresighted and laudable. It is different than other schools in that it caters to the nurturing of not only the mind but also the body and the spirit with greater emphasis on moral integrity: A cadet grows up to be agile in physical activities, alert in mental application besides being ingenious, resourceful, preserving, disciplined, self-reliant, self confident, optimistic & trustworthy. He also develops abundant leadership qualities and greater civic sense”.

The correct Postal address of the School is :
PIN CODE -328028
Telephone and Fax 05642-220749 (Office)
05642-220741 (Principal’s Residence)
05642-220793 (Adm Offr’s Residence)

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Oak Ridge Military Academy has gone from nearly closing its doors due to finnancial problems to a time of rebuilding. This military high school has designed new programs to attract new student, however those programs allow students to obtain additional academic credit they need for college. About 30 students, who are not in the 100-member corps of cadets, are enrolled in the “fifth-year senior” program.

The army school has also fielded a football team, something that’s been an off-and-on proposition for the last several years. Not in a conference, the team struggled to find opponents, and with several fifth-year seniors, many people think Oak Ridge Military Academy annihilated its competition; the first three games were won with combined scores of 118-13.

Even before the homecoming game, some teams that had agreed to play the Cadets were backing out. Games with Hargrave Military Academy for Oct. 15 and Woodberry Forest Academy for Nov. 5 have been canceled.

Clint Alexander, head coach of Woodberry Forest, says his team of 15- to 17-year-olds doesn’t play post-graduate players. “I don’t feel our philosophies are the same,” he says of Oak Ridge Military Academy. “It takes time to build a winning program”, Alexander says, “something it appears the academy is trying to do in one year by recruiting talented, post-graduate players”

Oak Ridge Military Academy’s headmaster Mebane says many schools have programs that allow “reclassifying,” which allows for post-graduate players, and that the academy has no plans to change its football program.

The school is also ramping up other athletic programs with the hiring of Yelverton and coaches such as Stan Kowalewski and Delaney Rudd as its head mens and womens basketball coaches. Kowalewski and Rudd have longstanding ties to AAU basketball.

Rumors that the academy will cease to exist as a military boarding school are unfounded, Mebane says. “I can dispel any concerns that there is any talk about losing the military focus of the school,” he says. Military programs excel at exposing students to leadership – “both being led and leading,” Mebane says. “You don’t get that in secondary education these days.”

If you are thinking about sending your kid to an army school maybe you are balancing pros and cons about what this decision on to your child’s future. Here you have 5 things that military schools would help that you kid will become in a sensible adult.

1. Discipline. Most over with rebel kids o those whom their parents can control anymore, orderliness will help the kid’s attitude change and think over how they behave before.
2. Fellowship. Everyday life shared with other kids ans help each other to get through problems helps forge bonds of fellowship between students.
3. Order. Time, activities, and discipline force the kid to keep everyday life organized and this will continue during his/her life
4. Physical Activity: Military Schools in Texas or anywhere else held a high level physical and sport program and kids learn how good this is for them. Sedentary attitudes are not in their minds anymore and helps to avoid illnesses as diabetes or hearth problems.
5. Education: From elementary military schools to high school education even tough college level degrees high quality education programs are taught at these institutions.

In summary, army and military schools gives to your kids the chance to receive a high level training not only at education but at personal and physical level that will be really useful in adult life.