Transition of Military Command

For so long, the military occupation have become as one of the leading employment here in the United States due to its career development and the need of the country. Although, this type of occupation entails lots of responsibilities but still several young individuals are responsive to forego this type of career. One of the people who are known for their military services is the Army National Guard Spec. Gregory J. Marcotte. This young man has already served the military services for several years. Just recently of this month, he has returned to the 2nd Battalion of the 18th Infantry Regiment in Gloversville after for several years of being deployed in overseas countries in support of the mission of Operation Enduring Freedom. Marcotte graduated in Corinth Central Military Boarding School in the country.

As Marcotte returned to the 2nd Battalion of 18th Infantry Regiment, a ceremony of transition command of Gloversville to the central New York base together with its military soldiers was also celebrated. This includes the Infantry Soldiers of 2nd Battalion together with the 108th Infantry, CBRNE and CERFP. The CBRNE stands as the New York’s Army National Guard’s Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear High Yield Explosive. On the other hand CERFP stands for Enhanced Response Force Package. Both this New York group and the military soldiers of Gloversville join together in celebrating the transition of command and recognizing the contribution that Gloversville soldiers had made towards the military department such as allowing themselves to be trained for fully yielded military education and services that comes from military schools or academies in Gloversville. As well, for allowing their selves to be more open to a higher military continuing education training in order to be prepared for another level of responsibility and give out a quality services to its field of function.

Part of this ceremony is the awarding of medals to the local soldiers who have completed their mission as part of the CERFP element such as Sgt. Scott T. Dingman, Sgt. Ronald W. Spanton, and Sgt. Michael Lynch. These local soldiers that have received the awards were been evaluated, recommended, and appointed by Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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