The Need of Strong Military Governance

American individuals is always on the go to respond to the call of service in defending the nation against the powers who threatens the security and to always fight in order to attain peace especially if conflicts arise. To counteract these threats of the country is to keep the American individual dwell in safety, to still secure freedom, put the economic stability at hand and the human rights of every people and to the future generation in the country. Amidst the crises, the next generation of the American people must be willing and be able to set themselves to serve especially in times of crises. Although, American individuals and youth are willing or have a heart to continually serve but they are inadequate do to so because of lack of educational attainment or military educational training. Some another reasons of being inadequate or not being prepared to serve the country through military service are lack of high schools diploma, poor physical shape or some undesirable records in the society. It was found out that there are several youth who does not meet the basic educational attainment, physical fitness, and the moral standards required for its service.

The former chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff and the Secretary of the Navy have stated that these inadequacies of the youth to be part of military department or enroll to the different prestigious military schools in the country is quite difficult and alarming since, its in the hands of the youth that lies the future of the next generation. Although the United States military is very much firm to set place rigorously the standards of accepting military cadets or enrollees because the county’s military department needs competent, healthy and educated individuals in order to staff the world’s most professional and technological advanced military system.

The long term investment in making a strong military system of the country lies in the health and education of the American people especially to the youth. If the government wants to ensure the strong and capability of fighting force of the country, we need to help the America’s youth to succeed in terms of their academic and must graduate in high school level and most of all obey the law of the country. The early education program had already proven to be as the solution in order to support the Americans in order to achieve academic success and work more towards a productive citizenship and employment.

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