PETA Names Sexiest Vegetarian Army Officer

A native of Syracuse in New York is named as the first Sexiest Vegetarian Soldier from all the contestants who vied for the title. While many students and professionals are having problems with their weight problems, this young soldier believes it’s so easy to control your weight.

His name is Erich Allen, Warrant Officer I, representing the U.S Army. He was chosen by the sponsoring People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Though PETA also chose each one from the US military branches but Allen emerges among the top candidates to be proclaimed as the sexiest vegetarian soldier. This award shocks Allen but gladly accepted it as it shows he is very successful in his diet plans to become one of the most-fit soldiers in America.

The contest made possible by PETA was a tribute to all the men and women of the military organization who always uphold the constitution of the United States of America. Allen received a PETA shirt, a basket loaded with chocolates and goodies.

In 1991, Allen joined the army and now works in the military headquarter in Fort Rucker. He is so concerned about his health as well as the environmental impact of animal agriculture in the country. This made him to love animals and to stay fit by eating only non-meaty food to maintain his fit body and to be able to stay fit in the military.

Allen said he was encouraged to become a veggie soldier when he watched a video which talks about animal farming. After he saw the video he decided to quit eating meat. He believes what he was doing was very unethical treatment to animals.

Few months after eliminating meat, Allen noticed his energy is increasing day by day and he was also able to lose weight in the process. He realized that becoming a vegetarian is really healthy for anybody who wants to make a diet. He said for now he continually does what he has started.

PETA executive vice president Tracy Reiman said Erich vegetarian diet has become a passion that brings happiness for him to continue doing what he thinks and believes is right.

With this good news many schools world wide are also happy with the life of Erich Allen, saying that students and professionals of today should also be concern of their health as well as in proper treatment of animals.

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