Ohio Military Man Receives Distinction Award

A military officer in Ohio recently received a distinction award for his exemplary performance after his graduation at the 145th Regional Training institute. Sgt. Robert Kolodny, an engineer from the 1194th Engineer Co. received the distinguished honor graduate award when he finished the carpenter training this year without even depending on the student financial aid. His training course which a month after has earned him the best award after garnering at least 1,400 points from various examinations and quizzes. Kolodny fortunately garnered a total score of 1,390 out of the 1,400 perfect score missing only one point after also failing to answer one question.

Kolodny said he was confident he answered it correctly unfortunately he got the wrong answer. He said his experience in the navy has helped him excel in the carpenter training course. Kolodny was 14 years in the navy service as a navy engineer. His wide background has also been one of the best factors for his achievement in finishing the course with flying colors. He demonstrated his superior skills especially in the military occupational specialty. Even 1194th 1st Sgt. Christopher Wisener congratulated Kolodny’s performance as he brought great honor and pride to his group at 1194th. Wisener said Kolodny was a good example of professional soldiers displaying their professionals and excelling in other endeavors. His unit was ultimately proud of his excellent performance because he bested other colleagues in the training although he has other commitments in the navy unit he is connected with.

Kolodny was also very proud of the school and said that in his 24 years in government this is the best military school that his been enrolled in – that he did not join in the student loan program of the school because of the very affordable fees yet it does have competent teachers. Kolodny was even regarded by Wisener as the best soldier that takes his best and shares his knowledge to other soldiers to also excel like what he does. He maintains the highest honor to make his unit as well as his country proud of him.

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