Military Recruitment

When enlisting to any branch of the military, whether it be Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, or Coast Guard; the first step to enlistment in any volunteer military is to see a recruiter. These are senior enlisted members that have served their time in their appropriate branch and now maintain a job of making sure that there are enough people coming in to consolidate all the members that are getting out.

With my experience, I came in to a small office where a man dressed in service uniform was sitting at a desk ready to speak with me. He was polite, nice, and very eager to ask any questions I had concerning the Air Force and what life was like. In all honesty, recruiters have a tendency to sugar coat a lot of facts to make them seem more appealing to join; for example, while the education benefits with the military are really nice, it isn’t a completely free program like recruiters told us they were. We still need to pay for books, taxes, and any other fees that come with being a normal college student. The only difference being we don’t pay tuition. If that was told to me originally, it could have made me hesitate to join, but my recruiter knew all the right things to make me feel confident about joining. That was his job, not to lie about facts, but to make them seem more appealing.

While that may not make sense initially, think of it this way: who really wants to be a part of an organization whose made objective is war? That’s precisely what the military is, but every United States soldier, sailor, marine, and airman will tell you that we are not war fighters, we are defenders of American Liberty, because that’s what recruiters have led us to believe.

Account by Airman First Class Scott Hall, United States Air Force

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