Introduction to Military Life

The essence of military education takes a long way. In which, government have seen the necessity of military knowledge. In that manner, military education were introduce to the different colleges and universities in the United States. It became part of the school curriculum. The general term for this military education in the colleges and universities is called ROTC or Reserve Officers’ Training Corps. The duration of this program will last in four years. It means that the students will undergo a training program basing on military education at the same time obtaining a college degree course.

ROTC serve basic military education and training’s. In which, it give more emphases on leadership skills. The cadets are taught how to handle people, generate strategies, decision making, focus to the goal, and stay firm to every decision that have been decided. It means that as a leader, you have the responsibility of the people under your care or command. In that matter, it trained the cadets to become responsible at their pace and as well, in their own lives. There are several positive testimonies regarding the ROTC program. Just like the case of Lt. Col. Russ Hopkinson, in which he was very thankful upon the existence of ROTC because it help him exercise his leadership skills and become a good leader the field of military. Like Lt. Col Hopkinson, there are several cadets who are so grateful for the opportunity in enrolling the military education program.

The ROTC training’s will have different components or categories just like in the military field. The ROTC training are handle by the different military sectors such as the United States Air force, Marine Corps, Navy, and Army. The ROTC program are manage by the corresponding military sector officers. In that manner, it allows the students to choose a certain military field they want to be trained.

The ROTC training’s will also give an opportunity to an individual who wants to pursue military career. ROTC training’s will receive credits in the military academy in the United States. In which, once a cadet have finished the ROTC training’s he will have a greater chances to become a military officer in the United States Air force, Marine Corps, Navy, and Army.

There are several reason why a certain individual join the ROTC training. In which, some of them just join because of the incentive the the military government is giving to the cadets. As well, there are several individuals who join because of the leadership skills it offers. In which, it could be great help for enhancing their career. Since, most prestigious companies will hire individuals who have undergone the ROTC program. This concept was supported by Maj. Ted Leblow. Maj. Ted Leblow is an officer of the battalion and professor of military science in the Army ROTC. Although, there are several reasons why a certain students wants to ROTC program but still the ROTC programs remains a remarkable experience and learnings to every person who will undergone this training program.

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