Financial Aid for War Veterans in Iraq, Afghan

For the US military veterans who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, this is really good news but only few of them can benefit. This means not all of them who had served the country against terrorist elements would be given this kind of benefit. This benefit would be given only for those joining the Florida Southern College in the nest school years. The “Yellow Ribbon Scholarships” is created for some Iraq and Afghanistan veterans who would like to enroll at the said school in Florida. College officials announced this last week that those three yellow ribbons are intended to war veterans.

It provides supplemental assistance for the war veterans who want to continue their academic education in schools. This means the yellow ribbons will be awarded to lucky veterans from those conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Billy Healy, FSC director for financial help said three military students would qualify for the Post 9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act. This is also identified across the country as the New G.I Bill. FSC President Anne Kerr and the board of trustees were instrumental in this scholarship funds.

Kerr said it is “our expression of gratitude for the men and women soldiers serving the country during the height of war in Iraq and Afghanistan. During war time the military soldiers of the US fought hard to defend the constitution of America against terror acts.

The New G.I. Bill covers the veteran’s tuition, housing and allowances. Those who also served for 36 months and were discharged because of disability that is service-related would also receive the same benefit equivalent to 100 percent. Like a boarding school, the war veterans would be accorded also with other benefits.

In Florida, the scholars would be receiving $1,516 up to 3,792 for the school year 2008-2009. Healy said this Yellow Ribbon Scholarship would make the difference in this project. If more than three war veterans would apply a committee would also be created to screen them.

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