Association of Military Colleges and Schools of the United States of America

It’s so good to recognize the Association of Military Colleges and Schools of the United States (AMCSUS). The group of military educational institutions including military boarding schools, military day schools, college preparatory military schools, unite together to share a steadfast tradition in a military environment that lay emphasis to furnish quality education, strong values, citizenship, leadership development, additionally to give service to others.

With the help of this association, cadets are given the opportunity to learn and receive excellence in academic, trainings link to military guidance, and to grow professionally. The faculty themselves are consistently providing only the finest for the students that actually not upon permanent status, but upon proven keenness and performance to devoted teaching.

Anywhere in the United States including the military schools California, Virginia, Indiana, and more, cadets are viewed unique and intellectual who deserve respect and development as a whole person.

Why you need to choose a military school?

In every level of military schools in the United States each offers exclusive challenges and grand opportunities for the youth of the current generation in many ways. Each of the military school connected to the Association of Military Colleges and Schools of the United States provides an inimitable learning background that primarily facilitates progress and growth based on the experience and the age of the student.

We know that military schools offer:

Quality education as the foundation of all institutions; they are calculated to make each young men and women prepared to be well-built as leaders and involved citizens.

Values are imperative in military schools. This stands as the core learning to develop students individually possessing the values of honor, independent, always on-duty service, has integrity, and develop self-discipline. These are typically the landmarks of approximate military schools in AMCSUS. They ensure that the graduates reflect an obligation to these values.

Character reckons in every military school. Aside from the emphasis on academic, the character is important for the enhancement along with leadership training.

Success is what military boarding schools, day schools, and so on to award the cadets for their future. Since these schools are committed for the progression of their students for a lifetime, each graduate are proven are leading in the country as winning businessmen and women, artists, educators, scientists, doctors, if they are not in the profession of military services.

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