The System of Marine Military Academy

Here in the United States, it can be observed that there were already several kinds of military schools that have established with the application of their own system and practices as they expand their own field. Although, there were already several military schools that have existed with the implementation of its own system but still they have something in common. The common goal that most of the military schools implemented as they give out there military educational training were to help improve or build self-esteem to their cadets and provide a sense of responsibility in fulfilling the tasks where they were assigned. Just like the Marine Military Academy in Chicago that was also the cased. In which, their primary goal is to improve the self-esteem condition of their cadets and giving them a sense of responsibility.

As of now, it had been noted that there were more than 250 students who have attended or enrolled to the Marine Military Academy on Chicago’s South Side. This military boarding school also gives much focus towards math and science curriculum. In which, the school administration ensures that their cadets will received a higher degree of quality military education and training with the assurance that they will become good assets in the society. According to one of the cadet which is Luis Tellez, he said that the educational training that he got in Marine Military Academy molded him to become a good leader. Since, the military academy provides him military structures which were based on discipline and accountability. In which, the cadets start their early day with a morning formation and drills on it. Aside of that, he also affirms that leadership character and trainings that he got in this military academy as they accomplished their assigned tasks. As well, Luis is also glad that through this Marine Military Academy he was able to enjoy the wonderful experiences that he got in these military educational learning institutes and attending in this military educational learning institute gives him a safe haven to learn and excel.

Indeed, the Marine Military Academy here in Chicago’s South Side as one of the military educational learning institutes that been enlisted in the military school directory that provides a positive behavior, sense of responsibility and build self-esteem.

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