The Hair Policy Towards Female Cadets

Military schools have created important role in the field of military education and to the different military academies in the country such as West Point and others due to the fact that military schools offers a basic military training. In that case, it will be helpful for the young individuals who will be foregoing a higher military training in the different military academies in the country especially West Point to be competitive enough to meet the expectations and standards of this military academies. These videos have just a presented a modern overview about the modernization of West Point and how the cadets are oblige to meet the standards of the school.

With the start of allowing the female to obtain a military career, the different military educational learning institutes especially the military schools are opening its institutions and educational training services for the young female individuals. One of the well known military schools that open its venue for female individuals is the Charleston Military School, in which female cadets will receive the same kind of military educational training just what the male cadets are receiving but female are will just receive a minimal amount of extraneous military training. For several years of the acceptance of female cadets in Charleston Military Boarding School, it has already been an school policy that female cadets are prohibit to have a long hair that will reach to the lower level of their school uniform collar. With that aspect, the female cadets are required to have a regular haircut and maintain a short hair that is already above or level to their school uniform collar. But just recently, this policy of hair length of the female cadets had already been abolished. In which, the school administrators already allowed their female cadets to obtain a longer hair as long it is tie and pulled back with a bun in order to have a clean outlook especially when they will be doing their daily military formation program and military education program training.

With the new school policy of allowing the female cadets to obtain a longer hair, it gives them a sense to exercise their gender even though they undergo a military educational training.

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