Public Military Academies

The United States Marine Corp is now wooing the different public educational learning institutes in the country in order to continually expand the military academies in the country despites of several criticisms that military recruitment is considered as ploy for some individuals. It’s been a plan by the Marine that at least six districts that include the suburban Atlanta, the New York Orleans and Las Vegas will open a public military education where in every learners wears a military uniform and actively participate the Junior ROTC program and military educational learning system classes. Those public schools that been selected to put up this military educational program will eventually support of increasing the numbers of individuals who will be participating the Junior ROTC program or the Reserve Officers Training Corps. This idea of opening public military academies will respond to the appeal and national defense policy bill of increasing the numbers of Junior ROTC units in the country without much cost.

Especially to the mere fact that the government have seen the importance of military function in the society and it’s been observe that there are several young individuals who got some potential about warfare and all they need is to be given a chance to show their potentials about defense, leadership, commitment, and service of the country which is the main or core goal of military system. Although, several branches of the military department of the country are aiming to also increase the numbers of their soldiers but still the Marines are leading its way on it. It’s been estimated that the public military academies will formally realize and opened this coming 2010. With these, it’s been expected that they were be more students coming from the public schools be able to pursue a military career especially to the previous result or observation that about 10% of high school senior students coming from the different public schools pursue a military career.

The public military academies to be establish in the country will provide a much greater support for the national military defense system especially the department of marine to increase in numbers but not only that it provides a venue for several young individuals chances to gain a quality education program and develop their positive characteristic with strong dedication of the nation and to be of service to others.

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