Potential Candidates are Attending Forum towards Military Academies

The Air Force Maj. Mark Sanchez made a speech towards fourteen potential candidates that the various military academies are good career path to forego. Sanchez serve as one of the speakers in the service academy forum that been held in Cisco Junior College last Tuesday in order for the high school learners be able to appointed to one of nations military schools that been existed. Sanchez also stated some incorrect reasons upon attending military academy such as becoming a Division I athlete, next Rambo leader or leader of Thunderbirds, getting a free or great education because these aspects are not the prime or valid reason upon attending military school. Since, the right reason truly set in the heart. He told those candidates that the toughness training that will undergo and for that they must learn to practice the art of warfare while hoping that they could never use it.

The U.S. Rep. Randy Neugebauer, R-Lubbock whose office sponsored this event also stated some tough challenges anyone may face upon entering this military academy and continually developing this military career building. Since, even if some students will be nominated and accepted in the military school but not everyone will make it because there are still further evaluation or military training that they will be undertaking. According to Lance Anthony who was a junior at this Jim Ned High School is now identifying some good points about Sanchez words especially upon stating about not good reasons in joining a military academy. As he further ask himself of what are the real reason of joining the military academy, he found out that it really what he wants to become pilot someday that’s one of the core reason that he join the Air Force Academy. Aside of that also, his family background as being the son of an Air Force personnel had also become of one aspect that influences his choice.

As well, Emily Edwards who is a junior of Cisco High School are not quite thinking about entering to military academy until her coach emailed her that the Air Force Academy are quite interested to have her in their military school. At first, she never thought of entering to military school neither to a military academy even though both of her parents are serving in the military field but she’s already interested to be there and it even grow when she was fully accepted and invited to the Air Force Academy and the endorsement that been made. Aside of that, Air Force Academy also got and renewed their good reputation upon military career development. So there’s no reason for her not to forego in enrolling to this Air Force Academy.

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