Oak Ridge Military Academy Deals with Private Investor

CadetsThe Oak Ridge Military Academy is now trying to partner with some investor in order deal or discuss about rescuing the those military schools that been cash strapped of closure. Eventually, the investors will entirely absorb most of the academy’s educational debt for about $4.8 million and be able to infuse the educational learning institutes with the additional money in order to stay it open. This proposed deal is already fixed for a long term that entirely brings stability especially to the different schools of Oak Military Academy. The Oak Ridge Military Academy is now coming off towards their most difficult educational academic years. Since, the enrollment of Oak Ridge’s this year was already about 130 learners after the 12% drop from the previous years. Aside of that, the school also experiences significant decline in the previous years upon its $4.8 million debt due to the establishment of academic building that already been opened last 2001.

Last April about 45 faculties together with staff members agreed to have relinquished for five weeks of their salary. Last May, the Oak Ridge officials have already laid off about eleven workers and they have decided to end their schooling early. With this new proposal of partnership to some investors, it will enables the Oak Ridge Military School be able to pay their employees for their wages or compensation. This is quite important because these employees provide a significant contribution to the schools progress. Aside of that, this private investors will be a great support for the Oak Ridge Military School to develop their campus schools facilities in order to provide a higher quality of education. The discussion towards this potential partnership will be under its way ever since last month. Whether the deal will go through or else the benefactor will step forward, the school will entirely shut down during this summer.

The discussions towards this educational military deal of Oak Ridge Military together with its investors are going rough and preliminary that must be treated with confidentiality. Oak Ridge Military Academy is already looking forward for the positive outcome upon investing and supporting the development of this military academy and to its respective military boarding school branches.

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