Military Training Experience at West Point

As the military soldiers are very much in demand here in the United States, it motivates several young individuals to forego a military career especially the young men. Since, there are several career military opportunities that been laid ahead of this field. As well, most of the military academies offer a scholarship programs for the cadets who don’t have enough financial resources to support their military education program training. In that case, no wonder that are several young men and even women individuals who have flocked to the different military academies with their recommendations from a higher government officials or from the president of the United States. Most of the cadets who undergone these military educational training in the different military academies in the country are really enjoying of the tough trainings that they got. Just like the testimonials of Chris McMahon of Duxbury in which, he joined the military academy at west point. According to him, he really enjoyed the life, trainings, and academic orientation in this military academy at west point. In which, he really learned a lot of things such as acquiring leadership skills and its characteristics. Since, he was trained to the different field of military such for military aviation, military medical field and other fields. With these different trainings that he got, it made him flexible to the different areas of function in the military field and become also a basis for them to be effective as they going to choose on what area of military academy they will be undertaking. Aside of that also, McMahon also learned the different characteristic of being real soldiers. In which, it taught him that a real soldier does not only knows take commands or being a leader but as well to become a follower. Obeying the commands of their leaders are one of the characteristics that the cadets can ever acquire in order to become a good and effective military soldiers as they completed the transition of being a cadet and become a real military soldier.

Indeed, the military career education that McMahon got in this military can truly mold him to become a flexible, strong and skillful military soldier leader and follower.

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