Military schools teaches the art in cyber warfare

military schoolAs this cyber security have grown in essence towards the national security, this nation’s three major military school academies will now be teaching learners of how to become efficient as being cyber warriors that entirely defends their respective computer systems. This U.S. Naval Academy will now be admitting this coming season behind the U.S. Military Academy of West Point in N.Y. and unto this U.S. Air Force Academy of this Colorado Springs, Colo that entirely outlined a mere strategy yesterday upon catching up in a quick manner intended for their best trained officers upon fighting into this cyberspace. According to the Naval Academy chief officer who is Andrew Phillips that this computer science department will now be running on to their first ever cyber security career education course program intended for learners who are not entirely computer science majors. Its been seen that this career course as something considered as pilot testing towards determining what will be the sorts of mere topics in regards to cyber security and towards this informational warfare that can realistically be taught on for midshipmen who got no prior computing background. Last December, this Naval Academy entirely created this Center for Cyber Security Studies especially that this center was been quickly coordinating together with this National Security Agency that become the headquarter nearby and even got on some set up in their six week internship educational program just about 14 learners and will be considered 50% increase from the last year already.

This Naval Academy will now be testing this two new elective career courses in regards to this computer science, computer forensics, cryptography and networking security. Aside of that, this Naval Academy will now be founding the new club that will now be use as a hands-on activities and even contests towards the increase of this cyber warfare awareness for their entire learners body. As a result, this U.S. computer experts and officials will now be warning in regards to the nation’s condition which is not entirely adequate as they will be preparing for any cyber attack. Rep. C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger , D-Md who is the chairs of congressional subcommittee in regards to this cyber security issues and its member of academy’s Board of Visitors had just recently stated that their future military leaders will entirely needs on to have a mere understanding towards the major threat of United States and their mere preparation. As a result, the cyber security educational program had already become even more essential for the Navy that entirely established this U.S. Fleet Cyber Command and even to their re-commissioned in the U.S. for about 10th fleet in the Forth Meade of Maryland in the month of January.

Aside of that, they will also be putting together some mere chances of developing this cyber security in regards to this military operations. Phillips also stated that this new command are quite close towards this academy and even got an underscored towards the mere essence upon teaching on this cyber skills. With that, Phillips stated that this Navy would really be stepping on both of their feet and do it more quicker. Aside of that, the other two academies had entirely made on this cyber security as being part of this curriculum that will be taken through their entire learners in just a year. According to Lt. Col. Robert Fanelli who is the computer science professor of West Point, this informational technology becomes a mere requirement for just about 10 years for the entire cadets who don’t entirely be testing out of their respective class. As this Air Force Academy will entirely be creating some mere emphasis in regards to the subject of 2004 through adding their classes of computer security degree programs, cryptology, and informational warfare and even for networking security. The school had already graduated for about more than 80 learners with cyber warfare emphasis. So, the Air Force Academy Cyber Warfare Club had already founded in the last year that includes these 124 members from the entire classes from the 12 educational academic majors and every freshman of this Air Force Academy will take its respective classes that include aspects of cyber warfare. According to Lt. Col. Jeff Boleng who is the deputy head of this Air Force that everybody had already got a mere exposure towards it.

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