Indiana’s Top Military School Always Uphold its Mission

One of Indiana’s top military schools is always upholding its mission to develop students to become responsible citizens not only in Indiana but also of the United States of America.

Howe Military School has been in the forefront in as far as creating the military school as a respected institution aimed at preparing the young men and women to become individuals of excellence in all their endeavors in life. Since a military school is a preparatory for college many parents are now very open to the idea of enrolling their children to military school to shape their behavioral patterns while enjoying their teenage life.

The state of Indiana has been very supportive of the military schools in the country. In fact, Howe Military School was cited to have the general average of 85.7 percent graduation rate because of its outstanding performance as a military school for the last school year 2005-2006. Howe was been the leader of military schools in many years and they’ve been changing the lives of many teenagers in Indiana and neighboring states. This is one achievement that made Indiana proud of the Howe Military School. The support to Howe now from the officials of Indiana was overwhelming.

On September 18, 2007 dignitaries in the US Senate visited Howe Military School to show their 100 percent support to the remarkable achievements of the school. Those dignitaries who made a visit at Howe were Senators Allen Paul and Sue Landske. They are both senators of Indiana State. During that very memorable day for Howe, the senators were also accompanied by Major General R. Martin Umbarger, Indiana National Guards adjutant general. Their visit became a historic event for the Howe Military School. The dignitaries were greeted with a parade followed by a major discussion of a possible cooperation between the State of Indiana and the Howe Military School as the forefront of a great mission to make Indiana a place for the most disciplined citizens of the world.

This only goes to show how Howe nurtured its mission because it’s such a great a noble mission for the owners and school officials to make the school more vibrant and friendly school for the youth of Indiana.

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