Increasing the Population Rate of Black American Cadets

Over the years, black Americans population rate have continually increasing in the United States. There presence takes a significant role in the American society. In which, there population rate offers several contribution in developing their nation to its success especially to the military government. It has been reported that there are several black American race that pursue military career and went to the military schools to fulfill its dream to be part of the military world. When great wars occurred with the involvement of the military defense of the Unites States, it has been observe that there is a decline of the population rate of black Americans who enrolled in the military schools to obtain military education.

The fluctuation rate of black American cadets is very alarming to the ears of the military government of the United States. In that matter, once again the military government encourages the black American to pursue a military career by enrolling to the different military schools or academy. Military schools lowered the qualification upon accepting black Americans individuals to pursue military education. These cadet qualification standards referred to the age, physical fitness educational attainment and acceptance of some criminal record. As well the military government provides financial assistance for college tuition fees, boarding school payment and resource materials. Usually, the military government of the United States targeted high schools students. In which, they oriented the high school students about the concept of the military education it’s military training.

To capture the heart of black American students, an advertisement of black American youth was featured by a commercial show convincing its parents to allow him to enter the military academy to pursue a military career. It is very evident that military government uses different strategies just to bring back the higher population rate of the black Americans in the different military academy. Since, military schools serve as the stepping stone to pursue military career. Military government of the United States has since the importance of the presence of black American in the military defense. They have seen that these people have the strong will to defend thy nation and its people. As well, they have seen the potential of black American in leading the team especially in the line of warfare. The military government oriented different military schools to offer good quality of military education to the black American cadets because they are the future protectors of the nation.

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