Highlighting the Best Military Schools in Kansas

“Military schools are extremely structured environments that can help guide young people who lack focus, direction, discipline and encouragement. There is typically a strong emphasis on physical fitness, traditional academics and a value system that prizes attributes such as honor and respect.”

Indeed, as written by Mark Heidelberger, military schools are undeniably one of the best schools to offer not just quality education, but completely holistic personal development as well. This is a school we cannot really underestimate. Testimonials can attest and so does its individual website. Clearly, there is no other school best recommended that military schools.

And if you happen to be currently located in Kansas, you will not be confused for sure as to which military school you would want to go to. There are but three military schools in Kansas so far that you can get to choose from. Here are the lists:

St. John’s Military School
Known to be one accredited school by the NCA (North Central Association) and KSDE (Kansas State Department of Education), this is one to be one of the famous military schools you can get to enrol to in Kansas. It offer appropriate ratio of students as they weigh the proper proportion between students and teachers to maximize learning. Students can get to learn many things indeed, including sport activities and foreign language learning.

Wentworth Military Academy and College
Aside from girls military school, we can only name one particular military school when we reckon the prestigious military school located in Kansas. It’s obviously known to be the Wentworth Military Academy; a school located outside Kansas located less than 20 miles from the Kansas border. It’s actually known as the oldest military academy located on the west side of Mississippi River. It offer various levels of military training prior to other minor academical training including advanced sciences, history, literature, languages, and math.

Tipton Academy
Thinking how we could provide solutions to troubled teens located in Kansas, there is already a military school that deals young troubled men troubling from various developmental problems such as alcohol abuse, anger, drug or depression.

So, which among these military schools are you in to?

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