« Critics like Mike Hearington, a 56-year-old Vietnam War veteran whose son attends Shamrock Middle School in DeKalb County, say the schools are breeding grounds for the military . Usa today 2009»

Perhaps there is a problem with the public school system in the United States. The Militaries schools are increasingly popular and give solutions for those parents who think that the best way to control the behavior and the grades of their children is by putting them in a Military School. But the prices are almost too high to afford it . The tragic situation of the shooting of Columbine , combined with all the other problems, has changed the vision of raising your kids. Somehow since this incident, the youth have been experiencing different situations related to education and values. So how to understand this new political adventure ? I just have written « political » because by reading on websites, I have got the impression that the idea of increasing the amount of military schools is to reserve recruiting. Since all the bad publicity around the interventions in Iraq, less people believe in the military system. So specialist think that it is actually important for the government to convince parents to send their children to military schools. Perhaps by taking advantage of the bad situation of the public education. So what is the real reason? What’s really happening?

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