High School Graduates Chooses Military Service

The Northside, Columbus high school learners are expected to join the top different military academies in the United States. Considering of the mere fact that Colombus high school is just a low crawl away from Infantry military education. As a result, there will be no surprise that about three local high school graduates will already headed up to West Point in New York in order to join on the prestigious United States Military Academy. Jean C. Roman, Ian Richard Young of Northside High School, Shaina Coss of Columbus High school already confirmed their acceptance about the appointments of this prestigious service academy. Shaina intended of flying the Army helicopters in the future but two of her classmates Ryan Thompson and even Matt Melhado are planning to fly a jet plan. In that goal they are setting, it inclines them to join in the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Another group of high school learners from Muscogee high school learners are also planning to join in U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md upon receiving the acceptance of enrollment of this military academy institution. With several positive response of becoming part of military academies, it also means that there will be lots of individuals who will be serving in the military field. West Point military academy was consider long before as the oldest of the five services academies and even certainly as one of the most selective. Since, this military academy have already known for its credibility, provider of higher quality of military educational training, and got a complete military student community resources program. Although, other military academies such as the Air Force academies are also good in providing military education especially upon specializing air crafts aside from West Point academy but still several learners wanted to become part of West point because they wanted to experience military educational program.

Most of the learners who have accepted to become part of military academies especially in West Point and Air Force branch got no pressures of foregoing this career profession because of the mere fact that they like military education and be involve in the military services in the future aside of having a background of coming from a military family for some learners who choices and gaining its acceptance of enrolling in their chosen military academies.

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