Clarke County Grad to Join US Army

He is now ready to join the West Point Military Academy and to become a future leader of the US infantry battalion. For him, it’s been a dream comes true after he received the good news of him being accepted to the elite military school in the US. Christopher Liggett is now very excited to meet his comrade-
students and start training to become among the elite forces of the United States. A graduate at the Clark County High School, this 18-year-old US military-wannabe hopes to succeed in the future and to defend the country from the threats of terrorism and other threats.

Ligget is a proud son Christopher and Nancy Liggett. They are proud of their son’s successes in life. During graduation this month at Clarke Ligget was awarded the Times-Courier’s leadership award. On June 30, this month, he’ll be reporting to the academy and attend military boot camp. He will start to join physical strenuous activities during the boot camp which include firing weapons, marching, obstacle-course training and wall climbing. Liggett said his ultimate goal of joining the military and become an officer is to defend the country and lead infantry troops. With this career choice he hopes that the Clarke County will be proud of him. Just like other students he also comes from a very respectable Christian boarding school.

Liggett’s parents are both retired high ranking majors of the Air Force and this becomes his fascinations being exposed to a military lifestyle during his early childhood. However, he said, his parents never push to join in the military, saying that it is actually his own choice. He said when he was a little kid they used to live on military bases and he is thankful his parent taught him the kind of discipline and training to become a good citizen of the country. He said some of his classmates and friends were also sons of US servicemen who graduated at the West Point and he has high regards of their chosen profession. Liggett legally follow the whole processes of applying at the West Point and completing the requirements.

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