US Military Schools New Recruitment Tool

In order to fast track its recruitment to the new members of the United States naval academy, it presented its new tool and other promotional materials. The goal is also to make a new look on the way the naval academy invites potential cadets to join the naval force. The new naval academy marketing tools is designed to invite more students to get interested in the training and later join the US forces. The new tools include a promotional video which reportedly features Asian, African-American and Hispanic midshipmen. The US naval academy is planning to increase recruitment for minorities in its campus in the Annapolis district.

Jeffrey Fowler, the superintendent of the said academy is hoping that at least 47 percent in its enrollees in the Annapolis campus should belong to the minorities. It was earlier reported in a report that with the 1,250 plebes that joined the Annapolis campus only 351 are minorities. Fowler said this 28 percent population of the minorities is not enough and they are still planning to double the number through the use of this new recruitment tools now ready to use in their campaigns in the next weeks. Just like the recruitment in many schools world wide, the US naval academy is also planning to visit the countryside during recruitment period.

Fowler said the one minute video commercial showing minority midshipmen manning the planes and ships should set an example what exciting life could be inside the academy. The official believes it’s just in a matter how the recruitment officers present the idea to the students to steal their interest on the very exciting and memorable life in the naval force. This if you are already enrolled or serving the country.

Aside from the 60-minute video there is also another 15-minute clip in film version so that students would feel like they’re just watching a film during their visitation schedules in Philadelphia, Baltimore and New York. Cmdr. Jim Jackson, who is class 1975 of the naval academy, said, he is supporting the good plans of Fowler. His plan can help students in the right path, instead of destroying their lives in vices and other temptations of the outside world.

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