The Rebirth of Military Schools

This month will be a new start for some military schools here in the United States. Since, there are several concerns that have arise for the past years in regards to the quality of academic services that that some of the schools that been given out. As result, the government gives its warning of closure of the low performing schools. Part of the schools that been affected are the three military schools or academy in the country are the Oak Park Elementary and J. S. Clark Middle Schools, Woodland High School and Barret Elementary. As of now, those low performing military schools that been mentioned have reborn its name and as well its military education system in order to be more progressive in giving out its military academic services to its learners. The Oak Park Elementary Military School is now called Oak Park MicroSociety Elementary. J.S. Clark Middle School got its new name as J. S. Clark MicroSociety Academy. The Woodlawn High School is also reborn as Woodlawn Military Leadership Academy and Barret Paideia Academy got its new name as Barret Paideia Academy.

The rebirth of the previous considered low performing military schools or military boarding school serve a new beginning that this institution will truly provide a quality military academic services and trainings to its learners. In which, new programs was been set in order to initiate the development or progress of this military schools. In Barret Paideia Academy, the new aim of this military school is to lift up their military education through teaching the learners with independent thinking. The Woodlawn High Military Leadership Academy new goal for this month and for the coming years was to develop their academic programs into a more progressive on. In which, the school will now provide structured environment that will promote character building, academic excellence, effective communication, leadership training, citizenship, strengthening thy self esteem, physical fitness, and promote to become team players. On the other hand the Oak Park MicroSociety Elementary and J.S. Clark MicroSociety Academy provides educational learning system that will teach students about life skills and figure them out on how to relate what they have learn during their class. Since, these military private schools provide a venue for real world context for rigorous academic learning. In which, the traditional academic subjects will be studied accordingly then applied during the program activities in military education and as well allowed the learners to examine and solve complex problems and develop their higher order of thinking skills through engagement of activities.

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