The Quality of Healthcare System Given to Military Soldiers

Here in the United States, it has been known that the military soldiers have undergone several combat warfare at the cause of the protecting the nation’s welfare and the campaign against terrorist attacks. With their military service, there are several soldiers that have been wounded and some died in the battlefield Despite of that case, the soldiers have always maintain their courage, honor, true service to its country and countrymen. With that aspect is it very much important that the military soldier’s welfare will also be given an attention especially for those soldiers who are in the battlefield and as well to the survivors of the combat. But right now, there are several issues that have arise regarding the military healthcare of the soldiers who have serve in the battlefield here in the United States. In which, it has been reported that several military soldiers who have wounded in the battle haven’t a high quality of medical care in the hospitals or healthcare institutions were they have hospitalized.

This report was based on the observation that has been gathered by the military cadets in the military school or academy in West Point. In which, they have conducted a study in regards to the medical care that been given to the military personnel’s especially to the soldiers who are serving in the battlefield and it has been find out that there are several hospitals who didn’t give enough medical care to the wounded soldiers and this study was been based on the survey that had been conducted by the cadets. Since, this military study has been part of the education program requirements in order for the cadets to accomplish their military educational training. With their findings, it gives a two way impact for both of the cadets and the soldiers because it encourages the government to give address immediately this military medical care concerns. As well, it gives assures to the upcoming certified soldiers or those individuals who will be pursuing a military career jobs that they will no longer experience any insufficient medical care and treatment to the different hospitals or healthcare institutions in the country that they will be confine in the future but rather receive a high quality and dignified medical care service that the medical institutions can offer.

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