Representatives of military schools meet interested cadets

With this prime goal of joining U.S. Military Academy of West Point in N.Y., the17 years old Casey Giordano in Rochester entirely determines that he got on his main working function both in academic and physical aspect. According to John Marshall of this High School junior who was one of this 50 individuals that joined on the information session of JM last Saturday event of giving emphasis and focus to the five military academies in the nation. The information was entirely been presented on Military Academy of Naval Academy of Annapolis, Md, the Coast Guard Academy of New London, the Air Force Academy of Colorado Springs in Colo, and the Merchant Marine Academy of Kings Point of NY. The military academies that been mentioned above are considered as Five Pointed Start. Giordano is quite aware that these various military academies got high standards upon their acceptance. Enrollees of these military academies must typically place on the top quarter during their high schools classes, must gained relatively high scores during examination particularly in ACT or the SAT, got a participation in varsity sports activity, and must need a recommendation from a senator or congressman for consideration.

About 300 learners from this 1st Congressional District had just joined on into these military academies ever since 1972 according to Col. Merle Peterson who’s a U.S. Military liaison officer ever since this year had just started on. Among the five military academies, this Air Force Academy got on the most representation from the school district together with 25 learners that been enrolled upon. It’s been estimated that around 10 learners from 1st District have joined on this U.S. Military Academy according to Peterson. John Costello of Byron and Matt Thielen from Rochester are both in the first year level as being cadets have joined on last Saturdays open house event. Both of these cadets stated that their daily routine is very demanding but worthwhile to do. Theilen stated that its qutie tough for him but he was able to function task that been assigned to him even at first he thought that he would not able to do it such as spending so much time to do rock climbing especially during this summer season.

Costello added that attending to this military academy provides him an intense experience but even to various challenges that been experience along the way of military career training, he still cope it up and work out thoroughly even at time ending up going to be very exhausted. Peterson also stated that in addition to leadership, superior physical aspects and educational academic skill, learners should have tremendous amount for necessary motivation as to survive to this rigors of military academy experiences. It can’t be avoided that some cadets won’t able to survive the military training and eventually quit the training. Aside of that, some cadets are also advise by their superior not anymore to continue the training due to various reason that includes of not being fit on military field or physically concerns. For that, those cadets who have finished the military training program in military schools or academies are already well trained and can’t be fallen or weaken easily due to the training or experiences that they have undergone in their military academies.

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