Recognizing Oak Ridge as one of the Military Schools in North Carolina

It’s been known for many Americans that out of the military schools in North Carolina, Oak Ridge is the recognized official military school. Well, it’s also been known for this school to be the only military school for boys for quite some time and now it’s known to be the first among private military schools to enroll girls in the cadet corps. It’s also the second oldest military academy in the United States and it has been accepting students for years since 1991.

The school’s focus lies on leadership and discipline. In fact, it emphasizes more on students becoming leaders rather than followers. They believe in developing the leadership characteristics of self-discipline and self-confidence. Isn’t this what you’ve been looking for in army schools? To allow your kids develop into competent leaders and become potential history makers in the future?

Oak Ridge has mission and vision that you will prepare your kids when they will be in college. The leadership philosophy alone is founded on the belief that good followers make leaders good. Prior to leadership, the school also highlights teamwork and cooperation, character development, and submission to authority. And more, Oak Ridge provide the framework for leadership experiences via multiple initiatives and opportunities, ranging from Congressional Youth Leadership Conferences to Legislative Page Programs, from Cadet Recruit to Corps Commander.

The school has so many feature that you will definitely get interested with. Here are the features as its official site details:

• Cadet Corps Participation 100% (Optional for female students)
• JROTC Leadership Positions
• Leadership Training & Practice
• Mentoring &Motivating Experiences
• Summer Leadership Camps
• Drill & Ceremonies Competition
• Legislative Page Program
• Raider Challenge Program

So if you’re looking for a specific and most excellent military school, take Oak Ridge as your initial choice.

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