Military Summer School

Military summer training is one of the best experiences for students and especially for those people wanting to join the military organization. This is what happened when Territorial Army in the UK gathered over a hundred youngsters to participate seven weeks training. The said activity provides participants basic army training and experience more fun in first aid instruction, off-road driving, and other outdoor activities. Many students joined as they did not only enjoy it but they are also paid 1,500 Euro and there are no obligations also to sign up for the military, except for those who might be interested after their training. Those who become qualified are also given a total bounty of 382 Euro upon completion of a first year. However, due to injury it was also reported that the number of participants was reduced to 118 from the original 150 students, shop workers, and chefs after some of them got injured and are no longer interested to pursue the training. Students from private boarding schools got impressed of the training.

Dubbed as Summer Challenge, many of the participants have also shown interest of joining the army although some accepted military life is not their cup of coffee by making this their future careers. The Cameron Barracks were filled with the students when they started a month ago but now it had already reduced to 118. There were also reports that students got homesickness and they decide to stop their training aside from the injuries. In fact, he said, he is very impressed of the performance of majority of the participants. They have become very enthusiastic and begin to love the idea of serving and defending the constitution of the country. Even though most of them are showing their apprehensions at the start of the training because they have no experience on military life except from the television shows they’ve seen in their homes about the military. A plumber participant Corporal Donald Kerr from Ayrshire was very optimistic he can finish the training and is currently having infantry training at Fort George. He said everyone is training hard everyday and this is also a good sign many would soon join the army because they have already shown remarkable interest about the future project.

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