Military School for the Principled Hartman

Serving the country is the best decision one could ever decide in his life. Serving the country could mean working in government, becoming a politician, or enlisting in the military to defend the constitution and protect lives and properties.

Matthew Hartman, who is a native of Richmond, Virginia, has been dreaming to join the army ever since he was young. Two years after his high school graduation, Hartman decided to finally fulfill his dream but Col. Sterling Stokes as well as some of the military staff has convinced him to proceed to college first to make emotionally and professionally prepared when he join the army for good reasons. Just like other disciplined students Hartman followed their advice. Hartman is a junior student at the Franklin Military Academy where the principal is also Mr. Stokes. He said it was actually Mr. Stokes who persuaded saying he could serve the army more if he is a college graduate. During the 2008 National Chemistry Olympiad he has shown his prowess in the competition and obtained the highest score.

The Franklin Military Academy is greatly a part of the ever growing program of the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC). In fact, the Department of Defense is helping fund academies like Franklin to be able to become a growing military school in the country.

In 1916, it was the former secretary of state Gen. Colin Powell who was instrumental in the JROTC program. He is also accredited for the advancement of the program today in the greater American territory. He is also behind the program which doubled in 1992 when he persuaded then President George H.W. Bush. The program reportedly doubled from 1,500 up to 3,500.

In Virginia, Supt. Richard Hunter and the Richmond School Board were able to conceptualize the academy which is now famous for Franklin Military Academy, dubbed as the first military academy in the country. In 1980, it started with 130 freshmen to join the academy and the number keeps growing as people realize the need to strengthen the military forces of the US because of many threats of terrorism. Thereafter, academies like the St. Louis as well as the Sandy Hook in New Jersey also open its doors for many interested people.

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