Military School for Kids

Military school for kids is a type of treatment program for struggling kids in a military-style environment. It is a well-known fact that military schools focus on discipline and physical conditioning. Many of them are designed as an alternative to longer terms of confinement in juvenile correctional facilities. Thus, they are restricted to troubled children with behavioral problems. However, military programs are not an appropriate setting for children with emotional, substance abuse or learning issues.

What type of kids?

Military schools provide highly structured environment for troubled kids. Does your child lack respect for you? Does he make bad choices? Is he lacking motivation at school? Military schools, however, are not only for troubled children with behavioral problems. They also provide students the perfect opportunity to realize their full academic potential and build up a self-assured and confident people for today’s society. Does your child relish the idea to get into Military school? Does he lack self-confidence and self-respect?

Are these programs for kids effective?

Recent research has shown that a confrontational approach is not appropriate. Experts agree that the use of intimidation and humiliation is often counterproductive for most youth. Confrontational model is particularly inappropriate and potentially damaging for kids with emotional, behavioral, substance abuse or learning issues. Aggressive approaches and bullying style which tend to characterize military schools environment fail to create behaviour change and to model a pro-social behaviour.

In the military programs most of the kids learn structure and discipline. Many of them report that the school was helpful to them and some positive behavioral changes are observed. The problem is for how long? How long are these positive changes going to last? For how long are they going to feel positive about their futures? It seems that no one can answer these questions. With no specialized aftercare following release, military programs prove to be consistently unsuccessful in ‘helping’ most youth.

However, there are kids who do not realize they would like to join military schools until they actually visit the campus. To these kids military schools offer the safe educational setting to reach their goals and dreams for the future. And why not to join the Military one day!

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