Military School for Kid

Many parents now are accepting the military school idea in the US and other countries in Europe due to the fact that many traditional institutions are losing their might as far as properly disciplining the bad behavioral pattern of the new generation kids. Psychologists leveled this information and observation as a result of many bad influences in schools, televisions, and other forms of periodicals which tend to destroy the young minds of many children. Parents said military schools are now better alternatives for busy parents who cannot afford to impose harsh penalties to their children.

There are good observations that students in military schools for kids perform better in many school activities as well as in academic subjects because they have strictly implemented school rules and regulations as far as students study habits and discipline. This is the main reason why many parents are now open to the ideas of military schools and accept the realities that today’s children are far different than the students twenty years ago. This means there is really a break down in traditional schools as far as imposing the proper discipline among student’s behavioral patterns. Based on studies conducted by reliable organizations, students in private schools perform better and behave well as compared to students in public schools. There maybe factors why this problem exists in schools that are operated by the government. Among them is the problem that public schools are enrolled by many students and overcrowded classrooms are always the main concerns of teachers in these places.

Military schools for kids are not very effective in third world countries and this maybe the reason why these countries also experience problems in regards to taking good care of the attitude problems of many students. The bad behavioral patterns of many children in public schools as observed by many psychologists also go back to the old problems in these families that their concentration is focused in getting the food they can give to their children and the responsibilities of imposing disciplines are now forgotten. This simply resulted to the surge of elementary children having these type of bad behavioral patterns.

  1. Harley P. Adkins says:

    I’m interested in finding out more about the ‘elementary’ side of the military school option. i have a 9 yr old daughter who seems to want to ‘play’ more than she wants to learn and it’s now starting to effect her school work in not paying attention in class. She is in no way disruptive to my knowledge but i’m just not sure that the teacher is confident enough in her ability to keep so many children in line. . . . and so my child is not being properly guilded. If you have any programs you think my child might benifit from , I would greatly appreciate hearing back from you soon. thanks again.

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