Military Friendly School

schoolThe Lawrence Technological University was already been included in the list of Military Friendly School for the year 2010 that entirely compiled by the G.I. jobs. This list entirely honors those top 15 percent colleges, trade educational learning institutes, and universities that do their best in order to embrace this America’s veterans as their learners. With that, a certain amount of money was already been funded for Post-9/11 GI Bill in order to make it quite easier towards the veterans be able to pay towards their college education. But it’s quite difficult of finding over a right institution or educational academic program. According to Rich McCormack who is the publisher of this Pittsburgh that is based of G.I. Jobs stated that veterans needed trusted friend in order to support them of deciding where to exactly educate their children. With that, this Military Friendly Schools lists are just one of this trusted friend.

Since, this U.S. Department Veterans Affairs had already designated this Lawrence Tech as their Yellow Ribbon School towards 25% match of GI Bill funds that are already quite available to any of this veteran. Aside of that, Lawrence Tech also offering a military discounts to the entire military personnel’s whether they are active, reserve, inactive or retired military. This 25% off career education tuition and fees towards undergraduate learners and 16% off towards this graduate educational programs. According to Lisa Kujawa who is the assistant of this provost towards enrollment management in Lawrence Tech that they already got a veteran affairs coordinator who are entirely been working one on one together with their entire veterans in order of ensuring their benefits are already been applied correctly. As a result, their transitions are already been seamless according to Lisa Kujawa who is the assistant provost towards the enrollment management of Lawrence Tech.

As of this year, the Office of this Student Affairs in Lawrence Tech is now already been adding its veterans learner club and veteran supportive groups. The criteria upon making this Military Friendly Schools lists are the inclusion efforts towards the recruitment and even retaining military and veteran learners that will result of recruitment military and veteran learners and even academic accreditations. This lists was entirely been compiled by an exhaustive researching that is already more than 7,000 campus schools nationwide.

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