Military Educational System

All over the United States, there are approximately thirty military schools that are existed. These military schools serve as a good venue for an individual who wants to military career. This a starting point to the military world. In which, the cadets are trained to become excellent and brilliant individuals. With this military education, it gives way to the cadets to acquire a unique skill, abilities, and knowledge in the combat warfare. In which it strengthens the military system of the nation.

Most of the educational system in the military schools across the world especially in the United States uses the concept of Thayer System. Thayer system is the rigid formation of rules, loyalty, and gives more importance to science, math, and engineering. Throughout history until now this is the educational system that the military schools are using. With this kind of educational system it develops the cadets to become strong, determine, and well disciplined individuals. Not only that, it also make them a well diverse and dynamic individuals. That whatever challenges they might encounter they will still remain strong and always think of strategic way to find solution or alternatives to every difficult situation. The cadets are trained this way in order to be prepared to combat to any warfare that might happen.

With the existence of technologies in our times, some concepts or techniques in the military are being revised and develop to a new set of strategic military educational system. In which, the military education go along with modernization of the world. The modernization of the military education helps a lot to deal and combat with technological enemies such as the terrorism attack. Despite of the modernization of the military education the practice and execution of Thayer System still remains in the military training. Although, Thayer System have some improvements such as the academic structure but still the core concept of loyalty, honor, and duty still remains.

The innovation of military educational system leads the military schools to fulfill its goal and mission to produce a high caliber of military personnel’s. In which, we are much assured that our soldiers are excellent defenders whom we can rely on.

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