Military Careers : Protective Service Officers

Military men and women actively serve all over the world. Maintaining a strong national defense encompasses a great range of activities such as running a hospital, programming computers and many others. Are you looking for a military occupation? If you relish the chance of making a military career, you should know that the military offers excellent ‘learn-and-earn opportunities.

The military is a large organization that carries out many activities and operations offering a vast array of career opportunities. The military is thus a huge employer offering competitive positions. Your chances for a rewarding career will improve if it matches your interests, values and skills. Have your choice of careers in the military! Becoming an officer in one of the branches of the military can provide you with career skills you need to get on in life.

Why choosing to become a protective service officer?

Protective service personnel encompasses officers who enforce military laws and regulations and provide emergency response to natural and human-made disasters. They are thus responsible for the safety and protection of lots of people. Helping individuals on military bases and vessels is a worthwhile cause, but it requires special skills. Protective service occupations require expert competences that can be acquired only in a military school. Protective service officers provide emergency response teams to disaster situation, while other teams work at maintaining food quality and proper handling. They also develop warning, control and evacuation plans which are to be used in the event of disaster.

Law enforcement and security officers strictly enforce all applicable laws on military bases and investigate crimes committed on military property. They act as a law enforcement agency regulating and putting into force military laws and regulations. Military police control traffic, prevent crime and guard inmates in military correctional facilities. Firefighters control and help prevent fires in buildings, on aircraft and aboard ships.

Protective service personnel is responsible for the safety and well-being of all military they serve. They take great responsibility for protecting individuals in the event of disaster and developing evacuation plans and warnings which are to be used at a time of disaster. In their capacity of guards, law enforcement agents and security officers they investigate, enforce and apply military laws and policy.

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