Military Careers: Media and Public Affairs Officers

Career exploration starts with a clear idea of what you want to do with your life. What career will suit your personality ? When you set your career goal take time to find out about your interests, skills, and work-related values. Military offers a wide range of positions in locations all over the world. If you are looking for a rewarding career and relish prospects of having a military career, make the next step and create your own opportunity. Ask yourself: What are my prospects for obtaining work in this career?

The military is a big organization that carries out many activities and operations whose success depends heavily on the effective management and execution of a whole host of administrative functions. There are two major types of military occupations: enlisted positions and officer careers. Media and public affairs personnel is widely needed throughout the military and encompasses a great range of occupations.

Media and public affairs officers

Generally speaking, media and public affairs personnel deal with the public presentation and a ‘kind of reading’ of military information and events. In other words, they oversee the development, presentation and interpretation of events for the public. They are also responsible for the production and release of motion pictures, videotapes, television and radio broadcasts. Developing photographs, making films and records, editing audio and video programs, producing news and music programs and creating different visual displays are different means used for training as well as for information and entertainment.

Other media and public affairs occupations include military interpreters and translators whose job is to put written or spoken foreign languages into English or other languages. One of their responsibility is to interview prisoners of war, enemy deserters and civilian informers in their native languages. Among the other tasks are preparing written reports about the information obtained, translating foreign documents, books and articles etc. Last but not least, public affairs personnel responds to inquiries about military activities and provide new releases and reports to keep the public informed.

Media and public affairs occupations are careers for both enlisted personnel and military specialists. Do you relish prospects of having military career? Think ahead!

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