Military Careers : Human Resource Development Officers

The Military offers a vast array of occupational groupings which includes work placements set to cover the activities such as programming computers, managing a hospital, commanding a tank and many others. Generally speaking, there are two major types of military occupations: enlisted positions and officer careers. The vast majority of the Armed Forces, about 85 percent, are comprised of enlisted personnel. Their main duty is to carry out the principal operations of the military in combat, administration, construction, engineering, health care, human services etc. In contrast to enlisted positions, officers are employed to execute supervising and managing activities throughout different occupational areas in the Armed Forces.

Human Resources Development Officers

Human Resources Development Officers are specialists are responsible for managing recruitment, placement and training strategies and programs in the Military. They usually become experts in distinct areas categorized by activity.

  • Recruiting managers are in charge of recruiting process and provide information about military careers to young people, their parents, schools and local communities. Thus recruiting officer undertakes the task of recruiting new military personnel and finding various occupations for qualified military personnel.
  • Personnel managers direct military personnel obtain and keep the necessary information about the people serving in different military departments. The collected information is comprised of reports on a variety of training programs a military has completed, their current job assignment, promotions they had received and accurate medical records on their health. They also offer career counselling.
  • Training and education directors are another group of specialists dedicated to human resources. They provide specialized training after identifying military needs and manage educational programs designed to enable military personnel developing the skills necessary to perform their jobs.

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