High School Salutatorian to Join West Point Military Academy

Joining the elite group of class 2012 at West Point military academy is young and energetic Keaton Burns from Nashoba Regional High School, Keaton Burns. Burns was class 2008 salutatorian of the school and all of his classmates, friends and teachers at Nashoba felt proud he was accepted by the elite military academy in the United States. He will be joined by some group of students as part of the class 2012 at West Point. Burns decision to join the army is triggered by his passion to give service to his country. Although, he said, at first it was not in his mind. Later in his senior years he began to realize the noble task and honor to serve the country. He said he just wanted a simple life as a student and never expected to become one of the top graduating students in the class. Luckily, he was at the number two spot of the graduating class and graduated salutatorian. He said he had been searching in a school directory to finally decide what career to take in college until his decision came to join the army and eventually serve the country with pride and honor.

Burns said though he was recently accepted at West Point but all the efforts he did was pretty hard before he was finally in. It took him several months this year for the application process to prosper and to comply with all the requirements. The application, he said, is much more demanding than applications in other colleges. He underwent the usual physical test and military interviews. He also needed to have nominations and luckily he got the nominations from Senators Kennedy and Kerry and also of Rep. Niki Tsongas. Burns grandfathers were military and maybe it’s already in the blood for the family to have another one as he also dream to become an army officer in the future like his grandfathers. He first tasted the life of a military at West Point when he joined a one week Summer Leaders Seminar. The program made him to fully understand the life at West Point and the responsibilities of being part of the system. Burns is now living at Bolton but he also had been a resident of California and Colorado in the previous years. At his former high school at Nashoba, Burns was part of the student council and also at the ice Hockey team, country teams and Lacrosse.

Nashoba principal Jeremy Roche said Burns was very proficient and intelligent leader of the school – and this also paid off as he got the second spot as salutatorian of the graduating class. Many of the students in the US are getting private student loan to attend schooling but for Burns intelligence can help you get free education.

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    Do you got to have a G.E.D to come to Militery School if you did not go to high school

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