High School Military Academy Day Sept. 7

To make active participation of the high school students, Rep. Bud Cramer is reported to be hosting the annual celebration of Military Academy Day in Alabama’s district on September 7, 2008. The activity will be held at Madison Academy School, it was learned. Those who will be invited to join the celebration include students and their immediate families as well as guidance counselors. During the affair, the students would be able to learn many things about joining US military schools.

Also invited to attend the celebration are representatives from US Merchant Marine Academy, US Military Academy, US Naval Academy, US Coast Guard and US Air Force. There will be forum in which these representatives will answer queries from interested students. They would also distribute important information and brochures about the life in the academy as well as the importance of defending the US constitution by the members of the military.

Cramer said the academy day is a good opportunity for high schools students to learn more about the activities of various military academies in the country and also about the appointment process. Many students don’t get interest in the academy because they are not properly informed about the noble missions of the men and women behind the academies. In fact, many schools world wide are encouraged to promote the academies to their students so that many will be joining the army of their countries.

It must be noted that Rep Cramer will be nominating outstanding students every year that will be joining the five military schools of the country as long as students meet the eligibility requirements. Cramer’s district is composed of Madison, Jackson, Morgan, Lauderdale, Lawrence, Limestone and Colbert counties.

Rep Cramer hopes that the academy day will be very successful with many of the students participating in the questions and answer portion to help them realize the importance of the military academies in the US and even in many countries of the world.

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