Christmas Break for Military Cadets

In this Christmas season, most military academy in the United States has taken a short term vacation in order to allow their cadet to celebrate the holiday season together with their family and friends. In that matter, it allows the cadets to experience the life outside the military institution and to live a normal way of living. Since, in the military institution is full of training and learning about important information, gaining knowledge and creating strategies for combat warfare. Sometimes as human person, they need to relax and get to unwind from pressures gets in from their daily military training. The short term vacation gives them more space to be with their selves and experience the life with out much concerned. Indeed this kind of vacation gives support to the cadets to revitalize their energy to be more prepared for the next training especially that military education entails a rigid form of training.

According to Robby Kilgo, his few months training in the military academy are totally great. . Robby Kilgo is a freshman in the military academy of citadel. In which, he take the political science as his major subject and a member of Lima Company. Robby Kilgo experience a gradual transformation of his self especially in the aspect of discipline. He was totally discipline to wake up early and to start to do the tasks assigned.

According to him, around 6 am in the morning, he already got up in order to clean the court yard of the academy which is one of his assigned tasks. Afterwards, he will be preparing for the next event which is the military formation. In which, all cadet will gathered in the court in order to sang the national anthem, gives some instruction for the day, and to make some announcements. In that assembly, the entire cadet will undergo several inspections from their officers. The inspection is particularly in the hygiene, proper clothing, shining of the shoes and buckles. After that assembly, the cadets will begin to attend their classes. Robby has adapted this way of life as he start on to through the military training. But sometimes, he also missed out the things he want to do or he have done before he was enroll in the academy.

The Christmas vacation gives him an opportunity to relax and to get unwind from all the pressures of his training. In that manner, Kilgo is very much excited to celebrate it’s Christmas season out of the military academy because it allows him to unite to its family members and friends which have not seen him for a long time because he undergone a military training. As well, it allows him to do the things he had missed while he still in the academy.

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