Benefits of boarding school

Stanislaus Military Academy is an academy that helps juvenile offenders, teenagers that take drugs, are addicted to alcohol or hit their parents to find discipline and get back on the right track. It is a learning school for those who get sidetracked.

A few years ago, a teenager called Jonathan Gentry was such a kid. He lost track, took drugs, broke the law, … He said that he did never think about tomorrow. But after he went to the Military Academy, he turned his live around and is one of the top cadets. He found the structure and discipline he needed in the academy.

Because they combine the military discipline with education, they help students relate it to real-world situations. It prepares them for college, to go to the military or to start working. Stanislaus Military Academy is more than just education; it’s a lifestyle makeover with commitment, discipline, respect, courage and honor as core values.

But the academy is not just a way for parents to send their children to when they want to change their attitudes; it’s for students with real problems when it comes to education and behavior. Because the main priority stays focused on education.

For more information about the Stanislaus Military Academy, call John B. Allard Community School at 238-6600 or Fred Bigler at 652-3057.

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