Advantages of Military Schools

The public school system of today is not fully equipped to handle troubled teenagers. These teenagers are in the age of 12-19 and suffer from behaviour problems, family problems, poor school performance, mild drug or alcohol abuse, and legal problems. A military school can be an option to discipline and educate these troubled teenagers.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, after the war in Viet Nam, the military schools seemed to fell out of favour in the public opinion and struggled to keep their doors open. In the recent years military schools have gained much more popularity and the trend has been reversed. This is because the first learning objective of military schools is not training for war. But they’re training for life.

Like in all other areas of life, there are rules that must be followed, responsibilities to be met, conflicts to be solved and tests to be taken. Each Cadet is held responsible for his actions and choices. There are times in life that certain choices are not easy and the consequences can even be regretful. The same counts for being in military school, therefore there is a no tolerance policy with drugs, alcohol or violence.

The military school has purposes that work beneficially for the students. First of all the aim is to help the individual student to develop their personality. Next to that it prepares the student for college. Third, the students are being prepared for the responsibilities they will meet in life. And finally the military school will offer academic instruction with the aim to improve their discipline.

The goal of the military school is to provide college-bound students with an academically challenging environment balanced by valuable and enriching life experiences. The class sizes are small and there are even evening tutorial opportunities. The students often have to reflect on themselves by a weekly report. The students are being encouraged, expected, and taught the skills to reach the full potential. This makes sure that the young students achieve a higher level of success in personality development, self confidence and for the future.


Cadets at MMA pack plenty of day into their hours. After waking up at 6:00 a.m., they have a short wake up physical fitness period. The breakfast is referred to as “first mess” and provides not only a nutritious but delicious start to the day. After breakfast, the Cadets shower and get ready for their academic day. There is morning military formation, inspection colors ceremony and announcements before the Cadets go off to six 45-minute classes. Second mess or the lunch meal is around the noon hour. Following classes is a tutorial period which is mandatory if a Cadet’s grade falls below 70% in that subject. There are four morning classes and two afternoon classes. All Cadets participate in sports and activities until dinner at 6:00 p.m. After dinner, Cadets have a mandatory study session from 7:00 until 9:30 p.m. At 10:00 pm. lights are out. Keeping the Cadets’ minds and bodies occupied has proven to be an essential element in developing a positive self image and a success oriented lifestyle.

In most military boarding schools 90 percent of the graduates go on to college and 7 percent go into the service.

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