Adcock Nominated for High School Military Academy

A 17-year old student of Ida Baker High School is now about to join the prestigious military academy after a top US official has nominated him.

Congressman Connie Mack nominated a certain Jordon Adcock at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis as well as 29 other students who are part of the 14th Congressional District in New York. This, aside from the 17 students who have successfully gained entry into the military academy, which Mack also nominated.

The students were now considered in various military academies such as Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, US Air Force Academy, as well as the Coast Guard Academy. All these academies are not requiring a congressional nomination.

Adcock is the only one among the applicants who attended a public high school and one of five students from Cape Coral who successfully received a direct nomination from the good congressman.

His mother named Melissa was also very excited said Jordon ran inside their house when he received the letter. He was very proud to have been chosen as one of the recommended students of Congressman Mack. The career orientation as well as other requirements which included Jordon made him one of the best candidates for the military academy.

It was learned that Adcock’s dad and grandfather were also former Navy members although they did not graduate from the US Naval Academy. This is the main reason why Jordon is also inspired to continue the good tradition that the family has started – like servicing the people of America as members of the Naval Academy. But he clarified that he can join any service oriented offices in the government.

In his younger days, he said, he’d been always interested in History Channel where military shows are usually shown. This is, perhaps, the reason why he also has fascination in the military academy.

Mack’s press secretary Stephanie DuBois said the situation of Mack is extra ordinary because he has two nominations.

Jordon’s mom, Melissa, was even very proud of her son who’s been an excellent student of the school. Just like many students, he also wants to undergo a special career orientation in the previous years but at this time only it was realized.

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